Thursday, February 19, 2009

Introduction of this blogger

So this is me, with my forever 21 leopard cardigan, New York Express belt, (which I got for $3.99 marked down from $22.99), and jeans from Deb.

I've always thought of myself as stylish, but now I'm really trying to try new things with my wardrobe, incorporate different pieces I wouldn't normally do. It's hard being from a small town where there's not much reason to dress up, but I'm past that, I don't need a reason anymore to dress up, I do it for makes me feel good when I've pulled an awesome new outfit off, and it doesn't hurt to get complimented

I would have never wore animal print before but about a month and a half ago, I was shopping at my favorite store Forever 21 and saw this amazing leopard cardigan, and just had to have it, even though it's nothing like what I'm used to wearing and that was part of the thrill!

Let's just say that shopping trip was fantastic, I found some other good finds....a navy blue button down, with little hooks on both sides....this shirt can be worn so many favorite is with the same belt pictures above simply around it, or the shirt tucked into a navy blue pencil skirt that has a little bow in the front of it....all good finds from Forever 21 minus the belt....

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