Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How To: Pull off the Hippie Look

Get ready for another How To

In this edition you lovely ladies will learn

How To: Pull of the Hippie Look

Ever want to bring out your inner flower child?  Nows the perfect time to do so!
 You want to look all natural, and be mellow, cool, and calm.  

Key item to consider wearing:

Long dresses:

Maxi dresses are perfect for this look

 (Dress: $19.99 Forever21.com)

Big flower prints are great to establish the earthly bohemian look 
 (Modcloth.com )

Tie dyes and tribal patterns also work 

($69.99 from modcloth.com)

(Patchwork Chiffon Dress alloy.com) 

 (Layla drop waist dress alloy.com)

(Laura Tunic Dress alloy.com)


Flat Sandals

(Sandals: $17.80 Forever21.com)

Ripped jeans  

A Band t-shirt 
 ($15.80 Forever21)

Natural waves ( you can scrunch your hair when it’s wet with some type of curl/wave enhancing product)  Let your hair air dry

Or if using a curling iron, make sure to let the curls be loose (it shouldn't look perfectly put together)


Two Low ponytails/pigtails 

Braids and pigtails are both amazing options to achieve this look.  It embodies the hippie easy going mentality 

Whichever hair option you chose, add a headband to complete the look. 


Be sure to keep your makeup looking natural.  Nothing that takes long to do.  Think neutral tones: shades of browns....

And if your brave, go completely natural with no makeup at all.   

Still wanting something extra special, paint a flower on the side of your cheek! 


If you chose to add jewelry to this look, consider tribal inspired pieces.  
Chunky arm bands 
A piece of jewelry with the peace symbol on it. 
Big chunky rings

I hope you girls found this helpful! Would you embrace the hippie look??  I think this look works perfectly with summer.  I've never really dressed in the hippie/bohemian style before, but I do think some of the dresses are lovely.  And I think I would enjoy having a more carefree, yet beautiful look.  Something I don't have to obsess much over!
Anyway, I'd love to hear what other how to's you would like to see here on The Hot Spot!  I'm open for suggestions! Have a wonderful day!

pictures: found on weheartit.com and through bing search engine


Trish said...

Hi sweetie! What a fun post, I could really see you rockin' this look! Beautiful pics of Nicole Richie, I love the one of her with the sparkly headband!

Sophia said...

Oh it looks great!

Jolie said...

I love every suggestion here, love the flower child inspiration for sure! I have to get that Beatles tee too! xoxo

Sherin said...

Thank you! This is a perfect guide. I was thinking of pulling off this look for this summer and had no idea where to start, so this is really helpful.

Leia said...

This is such a great tutorial! I need to get myself a maxi dress :P

Jennifer said...

Definitely want to see more of these and less camel. I love neutrals but come on, summer is about patterns, florals and bright colours!

Jamie said...

Die schoenen en dat band t-shirt zijn echt heel leuk :)

Kasia said...

great items!


Susi said...

YAY for hippie look!!! I totally love this post!

Sher said...

Lovely tips, my dear! I always find it difficult to pull off the hippie look, I usually look so silly when I try to lol:P


Charlie said...

great tips, lovely post! and pretty pictures, very inspiring!

Ali said...

Ahh! I love these tips, now I've gotta try it, thanks. ((:

projectvee said...

great tips! haha you should show us your hippie look sometime :)

Anonymous said...

I can't pull it off. I've tried. :( But I bet you could! Loved the post!

E said...

I haven't been watching this season! I need to catch up!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

cute photos!!! so inspiring...

Anonymous said...

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