Monday, February 01, 2010

Weighing in on Body Issues

Do you girls ever feel like doing that to the scale?? I think at one point or another we all have. It's hard for one to achieve their ideal weight, and once one is there it’s hard to stay there! I'm sure you know what I mean, especially in today's society where most celebs are thin and "beautiful", we feel as though we need to look like them, to be pretty. Have you ever seen a certain celeb and thought to yourself, that's what I need to look like, and if I did I would be beautiful? Is there a certain celebrity out there that gives you that feeling every time you see her?

I myself, have struggled recently with being happy with my body. Not that I’ve ever been anorexic or bulimic, thankfully I haven’t had that problem to deal with, but ever since a few months back when I got on this kick about eating healthy and losing some of those extra unwanted pounds, I became practically obsessed with food. Here in the past couple weeks or so it’s improved somewhat. But it’s like my mind is constantly thinking about food, My mind always runs a mile a minute anyway, it seems it never takes a break, but it had gotten to the point where I would be watching tv and my mind would be focused on some type of food that was calling to me from the refrigerator even though I wasn’t really hungry and it would take a lot of will power for me to resist.

I did well over the last few months though and lost 20 pounds. I hadn’t even realized I had been gaining weight since I got married, it just caught up on me, an one day I noticed, hey I have some extra weight on me, where’d that come from? Twenty pounds was more than I was expecting to lose and now I’m the smallest I’ve really ever been. Now, I weigh 106 or 107 depending on the day. It’s really hard for me to outright say how much I weigh. And constantly watching your weight takes a toll on you mentally. I don’t know if this even makes any sense. I sure hope it does. I’m only telling a little bit of how things have been so maybe some of you can relate. I know it’s not uncommon for us women to have some sort of issue with our body. But we should learn to be happy with our body and embrace what makes us different from others. We really are all beautiful in our own way, there’s nobody just like you! You are special, and don’t take that as something cheesy, you really are something special. And you should embrace it! It’s something I have to remind myself everyday. I know it’s easy to say, just not easy to actually practice.

What makes you different from others? What is your least favorite thing about yourself? More importantly what is your favorite thing about yourself?? Let that outweigh the bad.

My least favorite thing about my body is my height. I’m only 5’3. I always think if I was just like 4 or 5 inches taller, it would be so much easier for me weight wise, and I would be so much more content with my body. I would have the nice lean look that the models have. And everything would look good on me! I would have those super skinny legs rather than having these short legs that on some days, the really bad ones, I look in the mirror and think “Oh, my legs look so stubby!!!” Thankfully heels help with that somewhat. I always feel more confident in my heels. Although, living in Indiana where winter is really icy and slick, I have to take a break from wearing heels during this time, which is unfortunate! I just can’t wait for spring!

What gets me though about my weight right now is 106 or even a couple of pounds heavier seems like a small amount of weight, seriously much lower would be dangerous right? Then why when I look at myself in the mirror do I feel fat? Like my belly is sticking out? Or my arms are chunky? I don’t get it. My husband thinks I’m crazy. He thinks I should eat whatever I want all the time and he claims I should gain a couple pounds. But is he just saying that because that’s what he feels he should be saying? I don’t know. Guys don’t seem to understand the struggles woman have with body image. They can’t help it, their mind just doesn’t run the same way as ours does. Anyway, what do you girls think is a healthy weight for my height 5’3? I’m curious to see what you girls think. I bet there will be a wide range of replies.

Now, what’s my favorite thing about my body? Sadly that’s a tough one. Isn’t it crazy how much easier it is to pinpoint the bad things about yourself, but harder to see the better things? Well, these days I really like the length of my hair. It’s the longest I’ve ever had it, because usually I get so antsy and I have to cut it and have a change! I’ve been patient though and I’ve let it grow. But of course, I have the occasional bad hair day, like everyone else, where my hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to! Lol Also, I’m not trying to be conceded in anyway, but I don’t think my face is all that ugly for lack of a better word. Most days I look in the mirror after putting on my makeup and think I am in fact a pretty girl. On the other days, the bad ones, I think my face looks chunky. Ah, life. It’s never perfect.

Anyway, I’m hoping you girls have some good feedback from this post! I want to see the number of comments soar!! I know the issue of body weight/image is something we all have an opinion on and I want to hear yours.

Super Skinny Models that do not help at all with body image issues! Scary skinny....

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Sherin said...

I've felt like hitting the scales so many times. I know I'm not fat (in fact, I think I'm underweight), but I do hate what I see on the scales sometimes! I have gone through the obsessive weight lose before and it really was mentally draining. Stressing over your weight and what you're eating is awful and takes all the fun out of life.

I would say that you are pretty healthy for your height etc. You can always check your BMI online.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I wanted to say good job! Thanks for this post! I like that it is honest. Losing weight, and recognizing you are heavier isn't always easy. As you read my story, it took me some time to realize I was getting heavier!
I totally understand where you are coming from. I am 5'6 and 116. There I said it. lol I too have the same issue at looking at myself, with my poke out tummy, etc. I think your weight is fine. Honestly. But, since I deal with the same issue, these are thing I have found have helped me cope. One, work out, and try to get toned. It helps because you can see a difference, even if it's not a six pack, it still makes me feel better. Second, I have gotten rid of my scale. I will check my weight only if I'm at my sister's in laws house. That way it's not taunting me. And third, eat healthy. It sounds like you are doing very well!
And to answer your questions... My least favorite part of my body, flat butt, saggy breasts (cuz I had a baby), and poke out tummy, also I slouch too much, but have been working on it. Favorite things, Once again, my mom breasts (because they are smaller!), legs, although lately I've been obsessing they are big lol, my nose, frame is good overall, arms are skinny, and NO STRECH MARKS from being pregnant! I think I look pretty hot naked. lol :) There you go! A novel for you! Sorry it's so long. I just had a lot to say.

Valentine Devlieghere said...

You have a great blog!
Best of luck! ;)

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Heather said...

hmm I dont know how many kilograms you are but that sounds like a very healthy weight to me! I am also a healthy weight but I think we will always think we will find things to complain about! eg I like my tummy in the morning but after I eat it starts to stick out a bit which I don't like :)

anyway I have heard supermodels complain about stuff like ugly kness and ribs they want to remove... so I think no matter how hot you are if you think about it enough you can find something "wrong". I try to remember that my body is healthy and a ton of people would kill for it. Some people have serious disfigurments and ilnesses which prevent them doing the things I take for granted everyday. So I try not to stress to much and be thankful. That is way sexier anyway ;)

Zanah said...

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Jonesy said...

the pictures of those models made me cringe!eeek, great post

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Elaine said...

Whoa!! 106?? You can't lose any weight!! I work with a dietitian at my work and I told her I wanted to lose weight (I am 123 and 5'3") and she said I really didn't need to - I was healthy. But I want to lose weight before I get pregnant to be at 110 and she said ideally, women our height should be at 115. so you are fine for 10 pounds!! :)

What I hate most about myself is my round face. It makes me look bigger than I really am :(

I love my eyes and my high cheek bones the best!


Thank you for such an honest post -- dealing with body issues is a forever an ongoing topic... I feel 2010 should be THE year, or at least the starting year, where all of us should be positive, accepting, and actually THANKFUL for what our mama gave us! I know I am -- even with my combination of big butts + small boobs + cellulite :) ... Like my mom would say, "You should be thankful you at least have complete body parts and they all work perfectly -- some people are born deaf or without functional fingers......"


diamondsinchampagne said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I think as women we really struggle with body image, especially in the society we live in... it's really unhealthy what is fed into our minds.
I totally understand when you said all you can think of is food, the first few weeks when I started dieting the cravings where so consuming!

Jony said...

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The Blushing Hostess said...

Good lord, those pics are so awful... anyway, the best weight for you: When you feel best in your clothing. I have fit a lot of women, both models and real girls, and seem women who looked fabulous as size 2's and others at 14. There is not a number, especially when it comes to how you look, objectively, in your clothing. There is, however, a place where a body feels optimum to the owner. Once she arrives, her confidence it touched like a tuning fork and she is lit aglow. You will know it, no worries, chances are you already there, just look up...

Sher said...

Haha, I think every woman hates the weighing scale! Myself included! But I definitely do not think being super skinny like that model is beautiful! In fact, it's really ugly!! She needs to get some help!

Athletiart said...

Throw away the scale! Your instinct will tell you if you are eating right and exercising enough. If you are sitting on your butt on Facebook or in front of the TV hours a week and eating fast food and shit more than a couple times a week it isn't just the body fat and inches but think of the nasty other things you are doing to your health! You know better! Exercise, eat right, build strentgh, have some junk food on the weekend, be good to your self, and God forbid don't aspire to look like one of those walking-death runway models. Love your hips, yo ass, your boobs, and your shape.

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...all the pics are me, I am almost 50 and love my body, and I don't own a scale!


are those for real? who let them work like that?

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