Friday, February 27, 2009

The Power of Love and Snow Cones!

So as some of you know I got married in July.....I thought I should give you readers a glimpse into the most important day of this blogger's here you all go:

pictured above two of my bridesmaids the one on the left was my maid of honor! It was an outdoor wedding at a local park. Pink being my favorite color, you can see why I chose these dresses from David's Bridal! They fell a little past the knee I think.....which was perfect for a day in July! Thankfully it was a perfect day, weather wise and everything else!

Pictured below of course, is my husband Tim! Doesn't he look so handsome! :) I'm a proud wife! And there we are cutting the cake, which my grandma made for free....cake can be so expensive! The place in town would have charged $2 a slice, and with 150 so people.....that's too much money on cake! lol

More wonderful pictures of us on the big day.....I shouldn't have to tell you what we are doing on the right! haha

Above, the photographer called this the cupcake pose which I thought was fun....on the right is Tim's grandma playing the wedding music and Tim's cousin handling the pages of music....I love what the photographer did with this picture......making the yellow of her dress stand out!
Below is an adorable picture of my ring bearer....we had a snow cone stand set up for people to enjoy during the reception....and here he is with his...I can't tell if he is sad about it or just in deep thought...either way he's so cute...and again I love the coloring in this picture!

Here's a picture of us with the pastor above as well as me with the bridesmaids in mostly black and white!!! So I hope you like this pictures! It was the perfect day for this blogger, and the marriage so far is wonderful!! We are very happy! Oh, and I forgot to mention I got my weddingCheck Spelling dress from David's Bridal, it was the first dress I tried on, and the 2nd time I tried it on I got teary I knew this was it. I was trying to remember the price....I know I got it on sale, and for a discounted price because they were discontinuing the design...hmmm...I think somewhere between $300-$400 was what I paid,...I will have to get back to you on that! lol
So what do you all think of these pictures? Any of you married?


erika said...

omg this is too cute, you are so lucky to be married and have had a beautiful wedding ;) jealous! me and the BF are still saving up for ours! anyway, followers are diff from the blogroll haha, ppl have to press "follow" for them to be a follower so it's good that you put up that "follower" gadget! hope this helps xoxo

Mary said...

I have a couple years to go before that's an option lol.
you look gorgeous, I can't believe that's the first dress you tried on!! and your ring bearer is too cute:)

Song of Style said...

wow ure so pretty! and thank u so much for the very very sweet comment! =)
also, i'm making a Wedding dress for my friend whos wedding is in August so this is clearly a good inspiration. Thank you!

Miranda said...

loveee your wedding dress!
cute pictures :)

Emz said...

You look like you had a gorgeous wedding! I love the pink shoes you posted a couple posts back =)

Elizabeth said...

your wedding photos are gorgeous! :-)

soilikethelike said...

woah, gorgeous dress, and of course you look stunning:)
i love that "cupcake" shot!


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