Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carrie Bradshaw!

Who doesn't love the fashion styles of Carrie Bradshaw?? Now I know she has made a few questionable choices throughout the mostly they are fantastic! I've been a huge fan of the show for a while now. I have all the seasons on dvd, and of course saw the movie on opening night, and bought it as soon as it came out!! I love that green dress and coat she wears below in a scene with Mr.Big!! All the clothes were great in this movie though, not just the ones worn by Carrie!

I for one though, did not like the huge thing she wore on her head for her 1st try at a wedding with Mr.Big (in the movie). The dress was great though! Here below are pics of SJP out and about in real life. I especially like the one on the left and how her hair is done!!!
all pictures from the movie found on: via addicted to sex and the city
last set of pics from real life :


Elizabeth said...

she always looks so fabulous!

Echo said...

Love her style. I believe that this month in .. glamour magazine I think it was, they did a spread on vintage style idols, with modern actresses, and they definantly did a Carrie Bradshaw.

Thanks for the comment :)


Miranda said...

i still can't believe i haven't seen that movie.
she's so gorg


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