Monday, March 02, 2009

One Dress, One Girl, A Million Possibilities

I was inspired to try to this dress, in a few different ways. I also have a light pink tank I could have subsituted for the white tank pictured above....I love this dress, I just tucked the top half of the dress under and made it into a skirt for the last 4 pics....
I should have got a picture showing the pink tutu material that hangs out of the bottom
Let me know what you think....
Dress: Deb
Brown belt: New York Express
White tank: Kohl's
Pink Belt: Forever 21
White heart earrings: Rave
Pink Necklace: Rave
Pink Sweater: H & M


Miranda said...

aww it's so romantically cute

Elizabeth said...

i love all the things you did with the dress
it looks lovely on you!

Emz said...

That is a fantastic dress! They're all really cute outfits!


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