Friday, April 03, 2009

Lotion Potion

So my husband says I don't need anymore lotion! Is that possible??! Well, when taking these pics of all my lotion I did start to realize....I probably do have plently. In my defense, I have not taken a trip to Bath and Body Works in a long, long time. So he should be proud. lol It's strange though because up until like my sophmore year in high school I was not a big fan of lotion....I don't know I just thought it made my hands feel greasy or something. Who knows what I was thinking back then, but I'm on the right track now! That's what's important! Also, I couldn't find two of my lotions: MIA are Coconut Temptation and Love Spell both from Victoria Secret...I think they are in the back seat of my car!
I thought about listing out my lotions but for one that would take forever, and another I think you all can pretty much see what the scents are from the close up pics...well hopefully!
I hope you all are having a wonderful day and that you have a wonderful weekend! My birthday is Sunday, and there has been a change of plans for me, no shopping trip on Sunday, it's been pushed back to Tuesday April 7th....let's hope I survive!

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