Friday, April 10, 2009

Put Your Brights On!

So I like these looks. I especially like the orange and pink shades. I think they are gorgeous!! I can't remember what designers those two were, but I know the second pic on the right is oscar. I will have to find out the other ones. I'm ready for wearing bright colors! I think those look beautiful! What do you think? Will you be wearing bright fun colors this summer? Or will you avoid them? I really like the tropical feel to them....
I'm going to go home tonight and take some pictures of my new stuff! Sorry I'm behind on that! lol I've just been so busy, but I'm thrilled to show you all my new exciting stuff! Especially my Chanel purse!!!
I'm going to wear a new outfit I got for my birthday, on Easter Sunday so I will be sure to take pics of that outfit then! Thanks for still following even though I feel like I haven't been that interesting lately! But I am hoping to change that!
So I'm looking forward to watching a new episode of Ghost Whisperer tonight! It looks good!! Do any of you watch that show? Hilary Duff is guest staring on it tonight...she's playing a black widow!!!!
Well I gotta go for now, but I hope to be back soon!! Thanks for being faithful and I hope all of you have an amazing weekend! Happy Easter! :)


Miranda said...

i love the colors
i just don't wear them haha

cherish_jd said...

i love the first and second photo!

The Fabulous Girl said...

i actually love the gray and black look. that skirt is amazing.



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