Thursday, April 09, 2009


So on my last post I recieved this comment below. I'm at school right now and it won't let me click on their site, it says due to adult this just some scam? Do any of you know? Here it is:

Hi there hot spot blogger! We couldn't find a way to contact you on your site, so we're leaving this comment!We love your blog and think you would be great for our new service!We're approaching bloggers and our goal is to help bloggers earn money with their blogs!Our system is free to join,there is no obligation and no cost to you.If you're interested check out our website - the best way to learn about our service is to read our introduction email, so shoot us an email at blogvertorial@gmail.comand we will send you our pitch letter with more information!Love you! - We look forward to hearing from you!- Seth FA.ME blogvertorial services

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Sherin said...

Hmmm, I just checked out the website and it looks pretty legit. But maybe you should email them to get more info or ask them to direct you to someone else who uses them, and ask them.
If it is real, it seems pretty cool.


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