Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you believe it?!

So this is something I don't understand. I was reading the latest Life and Style magazine and in it was an article about Miley Cyrus defending herself on being called fat! Whether you are a fan or not of Miley Cyrus....a.k.a. Hannah Montana, I think we can all agree she is not fat! It just proves how viscous the media is. Look at the picture that went along with the article. I don't know whether Life and Style Magazine was agreeing or not, or if this picture was suppossed to show a chunky version of Miley. If so, where the heck is the fat? I wish I had that body! lol And she is only 16, it's a bit harsh to criticize any ones shape let alone someone who is young and impressionable!

Here is a part of the article:
During a recent trip to the Bahamas, Miley took to her Twitter account to defend her bikini body. "Talk all you want.... No more late-night Lucky Charms," she wrote on May 15, after posting that she'd jiggled her thighs and "they shook on their own." She continued, "I have my flaws. I'm a normal girl. There are things about my body I'd change, but stop calling me fat in posts. I don't even like the word."
Photo Credit: Retna

The article goes on, check out the magazine for more! Or, I'm sure it can be found online!
Does this type of stuff upset any of you? I do believe body image is a huge issue that does effect many people, especially young girls, and women. Sadly we see and hear things like this that only make it worse!


Delmy said...

She has a great body!

Eden said...

the rags and the tabloids are totally petty at times. they are obsessed with "celebrity" and will try to find flaws even if they are non-existent. i am from the media myself and trash stories like this just pisses me off... a girl like miley is perfectly fit, and stories like that give girls "reason" to feel bad about themselves when they shouldn't be! its so incredibly sad, yes?

much love


Anonymous said...

she looks great

Marietta said...

This is stupid, it always happens not just with Miley, for example Kim Kardashian.I find her gorgeous.
You ve been tagged btw!

natalie said...

That is crazy. I'm no fan of her, but her body is great. Stupid tabloids and their unrealistic body images.

Miranda said...

YEAH OKAY. that's ridiculous!

milk said...

I think Miley's is just fine! I mean good lord! She's not even remotely fat.

becca said...

and this is why so many girls end up with eating disorders. if this is fat, then i don't ever want to see skinny.
good post.

A-M said...

she is not fat! she has greaaat body.
i like your blog and it's so cool that it's just not a usual style blog and you write stories like that one. :)


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