Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Just to let you know I'm being brave and posting my actual first name on my blog now. So instead of receiving comments from DreamyGirl22 it's going to be Tasha.....

I feel a bit weird doing this, but I feel it's a good thing, I was also encouraged by Sherin from HiFashion a while ago to put my name out there. She had said it would make it more personable. So thank you Sherin for the wonderful suggestion and I'm going to actually do it!

So just thought I would clear up any confusion you may have seeing a Tasha commenting on all your wonderful blogs!

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Eden said...

hi tasha, it's really good to meet you! btw, its a pretty brave and commendable move, i know! i used to have quite a hesitation whether or not to put my name, cover my face in my blog, blah blah.. but i was thinking, what the heck, my life is already public here anyway, so why not! kudos to you!

much love



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