Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Flowers and Food

So we recently took a trip to the mall. I got this new tank for around $10 or $12 from Forever 21. It's not the usual type of tank I go for but I ended up walking away with 2 that were the same type of back and loose feeling. I will show you the other one when I wear it! They also had some of their colored skinny jeans on sale, so I bought 2! Each were $9.99!! You can't beat that! I've never owned pants like these before, but I like how they make me look taller and thinner, especially worn with heels!! The colors I got were a tan looking color and a darker purple! Sorry these pictures don't look all that great!

Below you can see the back of the tank! And no that is not my bra strap, that is the strap from the white tank I'm wearing under! The flower tank itself is sheer!

The picture on the right you can see the new brown skinny jeans, but the picture is kind of dark for some reason, so it's not the greatest......but I am in love!!!

Onto something else..... for the past 2 months I've been counting my calorie intake, I had gained some weight during my engagement and since I've been married, and I wanted to lose it. Particularly around the belly. I realized how I was wasting calories on pop and other junk food, and counting my calories just seemed like the best way for me to avoid those unneeded pounds! In the past two months I've been avoiding fast foods and junk and focusing on healthy options, learning to cook, and seeking fresh produce for my basic needs. It's not too hard once you get the hang of it, and I feel a lot better and healthier eating healthy options at home rather than eating a big greasy burger or something similar at a fast food place.

I thought I would share some things I've tried recently with all of you. I recently made a crustless spinach quiche for the first time. It was very simple, and so healthy for you! Offhand, I can't quite remember the steps, but the recipe called for:

-egg beaters-garden vegetable
( egg beaters are a better option for you than normal eggs, at least calorie wise-35 cal vs. 70)

-10 oz frozen chopped spinach-thawed
(while folding this in I noticed it was a bit much for my liking so I cut it back by around 2 oz)
-1/4 cup nonfat Parmesan ( I couldn't find nonfat Parmesan so I went with nonfat mozzarella)
-pepper to taste

This was baked in a 9 inch pie pan. Serving size: 4
And get this, calories per serving: 85!!!!! That is hardly anything for something that size! It helps that it's crustless.

The next item I'm showing you can be switched around very easily to your liking. Have you ever been on a diet and craved pizza?? Have you seen the calories for slices of pizza nowadays? it's scary! I even looked at like lean cuisine and weight watchers frozen pizzas at the grocery store and even though they are better for you then say Pizza Hut, they still have a lot of calories for the small portion. So what I did was found a whole wheat tortilla that I believe is either 9 or 10 inches and used that for my base. Calories for that: 81. ( which is good for anything having to do with bread) I found a pizza sauce that for 1/4 cup is only 30 calories. That amount was plenty to cover the whole tortilla. For toppings this is where you can be creative.
I started out on my first try with just the pizza sauce, grape tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese. Simple and delicious.

Basic pizza: 143

This picture below is of one I recently made that's a bit more fulfilling

with one cup spinach: 7 cal.

3 chopped graped tomatoes (they're 4 cal in each one so 4 x 3=12 cal.)

1/4 nonfat cheddar cheese = 45 cal.

and 2 chopped slices of microwavable bacon= 35 cal
(if you want bacon get the fully cooked microwavable bacon it's so much better for you than regular bacon. you get 4 slices for =70 cal you can't beat that!)
Total calories: 210
( and that's for the whole pizza!!)

So I hope these may help you and give you some ideas on where to start. I was scared to try new things in the kitchen but it's been worth it. If you like spinach, you can't go wrong, it's so healthy for you, fresh spinach one cup=7 calories! It makes for a great side salad!!

Also, if you are in the mood for something sweet, fruits are the way to go. Right now I can't get enough watermelon or blueberries!!

10 watermelon balls: 37 calories

50 blueberries: 39 calories

it shows you the calories in practically everything from fruits to veggies to fast food!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
fruit pictures: yahoo.com


milk said...

I love the quiche recipe and the tank! Forever 21 has the best stuff. I'm addicted to online shopping there!

Linda said...

I really like your tank top. And yeah, exercising and watching what you eat is the way to go! I also learned that as long as I exercise I can enjoy what I eat :D

Karen said...

hey HUN!
that tank top looks great on you, i need to buy more tank-tops for this upcoming school year, it's great that the prices are so LOW :)

soilikethelike said...

cute tank, and that pizza looks pretty awesome, (i love healthy food) i am definitely going to try that recipe.

Leia said...

Really cute tank! Although I find it annoying when I have to layer another tank under sheer tops. And I am dying for a pair of colored jeans - I need to find the perfect pair!

Thanks for the recipes. I am trying to get fit, too! :)

Kristin said...

Wow, I can't believe how low cal those fab recipes are!

Taylor S. said...

congrats on your new finds, and your healhy lifestyle. And i have to tell you that i too went shopping this weekend and i got a skirt, really cute floral for only $0.01. Tell me about it! oh so cute. It will totally be on my blog in a couple of days
xoxo taylor

Elaine said...

GREAT tanktop! And I can't wait to see the dark purple skinnies. I made spinach quiche a couple years ago and it was so good! I don't know why I haven't made it since then...but i was surpised at how easy it was to make it and how healthy it was. I need to start eating better too....It's so hard! Espcially when you've been working all day! clothedmuch.blogspot.com

Sherin said...

The tank is gorgeous. Forever 21 seems to have great stuff, I'd love to go there one day.

Both meals look so nice. I'm a complete foodoholic, lol, so I find it hard to count calories.

Sophia said...

ohmygosh i love blueberries. i eat SO MANY of them! haha. watermelon, too.

annie said...

I've had that spinach stuff before! it's pretty good. and that pizza looks delish! I like your skinny jeans:) I am going to post a blog about skinny jeans soon...


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