Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forever Stylish

Forever 21 has some great outfit ideas on their website! Here are the ones I'm digging right now!

I love this jacket in the first one, she looks tough and fabulous! I also love the outfit they put together in the second picture. I'd wear it! These are giving me some helpful ideas on how to create outfits I wouldn't normally put together!

Below I'm liking this first jacket and the necklaces!! The shoes are great too! I also like the 2nd outfit with the fun skirt paired with the jean jacket! In the last photo I'm loving the fun colored tights and that top! It makes me want to be bold with colors!!

See, we can look great, without having to spend tons! I hope these outfits inspire you to create something fun and mix and match looks u already have with new stuff you may buy!


Linda said...

Oh yeah, these styles are off the hook!! I don't wear white jeans, but that one looks good. I also like the first picture with tight jeans. i'm lookin for one like that. Oh, and the flower top is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the first two pictures! and I agree, definitely not something I would have put together!

Karen said...

Forever 21 keeps coming out with more unique outfits i love it & to top it off they are affordable =]

Elaine said...

I love the firs tpicture! I could totally do that with stuff in my closet. Thanks for the pic! I can't wait to wear jackets again...


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