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So I've reached a point with my hair that I need a change! I'm still wanting long hair, so I don't want to cut it short yet! But I'm antsy and in the mood for a change, so I have two options: color

I was born a blonde but it's gotten darker over the years. I've been using a home hair kit, to keep it light, I've found a line that I really like and that suits me. But now I'm in the mood to branch out from blonde, which I've done before but not for soooo long.

The first four pictures are possible hair color options. The first one being blonde still, is similar to what my hair looks like freshly lightened. Should I just touch up my roots and go that route again or...darken it a bit with a brown shade possibly brownish blonde?? I really like Kim and Ashley's shades here.

Or should I be even braver and go for Ashley Tisdale's new chestnut look, which I really like on her, but not so sure if I should go that way.....oh decisions, decisions. My husband of cause isn't putting his opinion out there, in fact he says he doesn't have one, that it's my hair and so it's my decision, I think part of it is he just doesn't want to look and any hairstyle pictures! lol He did tell me how he isn't a fan of red hair! So that's some help at least!!

Also, I would really prefer to do this coloring myself, as my husband and I are starting to look for a house to buy, I don't want to splurge on an expensive hair dye! So first, what shade would you suggest? And what line do you use at home that works for you? Do you know of good hair dye to buy, even more do you know a good shade to suggest in that line??? If so that would help so much!

Bangs: I used to have full out bangs up till I was in middle school, last year I had side swept bangs, but not very much....

Below: full out bangs: would it make me look 12 again?? I am 23 and would like to look around my age, if not

Here are some examples of the side swept look, which I think I like more then the above pictures

Okay, so this picture of Jessica Simpson I think is my favorite bang look: what do you think?? Would that look good with my long hair, would it make a difference if I stayed blonde or went darker...? HELP!

I'm also really liking these Ashley Simpson looks when it comes to the bangs!!

Thanks for the help! Let me know what you think!! :)


Leia said...

Ooh, I love all the pictures you included, so this is going to be hard...

My first thoughts, though, are that if you don't want to be spending a lot of money on your hair, maybe now is not the time to go for a drastic change. The reason is that if your hair gets botched up by a professional, they can fix it for you. But if you do your hair yourself and end up not liking the color or cut, you'll have to pay to get it fixed anyway or else live with bad hair till you can afford it!

Even though I think you would look amazing with Kim & Ashley's darker shades, as well as side-swept bangs, maybe you should try something that isn't so permanent that you can do at home. So my advice would be to:

- Check out YouTube and learn new ways to curl/wave your hair or look for tutorials on how to do updos (buns, French twists, knots, etc!)
- Learn how to braid your hair in different ways. I think a front braid (like a hairband) would look so nice on you.
- Pick up a pretty but not too expensive hair toy that you can use to transform your look - something like a sparkly scrunchie to give a twist to a normal ponytail or a pretty clip that sweeps all your hair up.

I know this isn't the advice you asked for, but I just don't want you to do something you might regret!

Also, I'm not sure if Sherin's answered your question about how to neaten up your side-bar. We basically made a new post and put all our awards in it, and then put a link to the post on the side! We did the same for "Networks" and for the others we just used tags and linked to where the tags were. Sherin made the images in Polyvore, I think.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

If you want to dye your hair, going dark is easy to maintain and keep it cheap. My hubby doesn't like red either:) I also have a blog posting that is completely about home hair dyes, with tips and suggestions for dying your hair at home.
It is called Hair Hair Hair, and I posted it in June i think... hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

actually it was july... early in the month.

sherin said...

Drastic hair changes are really fun. I'm due a big one as well.
Personally, I love that really light blond colour from the first picture.
As for bangs, having them really side swept looks the best. a long with a centre parting. Although hilary duff's hair looks pretty good as well.
Good luck. I'm sure whatever you choose will look great on you.

Taylor S. said...

thanks for giving us pictures so we know exactly what your talking about! And i think you should stay blonde. I also think that you should cut it to about your shoulder since you have a tiny face long hair just over powers your small face. i think picture of Ashley would simpson would like nice just not that color. I hope i helped!
xoxo taylor

Anonymous said...

Ok so I think you should go a bit darker. something closer to your natural colour. and get highlights for some depth rather than your one solid colour, then you should either cut it like the pic you have for Jessica simpson, or if you want to keep length, get lots of layers.

I had super long blonde hair all my life, then I got married and decided it was time for a change, I went red, brown, auburn, and now I'm light brown going back to blond. And I cut it from my waist to about my cheast and got bangs and lots of layers, I have no regrets with the layers, I didn't really like the major bangs, but I love my sidesweapt bangs and out of all the colours, brown was the easiest/cheapest to maintain.
also, try virtual hairstyles!
hope this helps!


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