Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get A Move On It!

Pride and Prejudice

The other day I put in Pride and Prejudice. It had been a while since I last watched it. I was reminded why it is one my favorite movies! The love story between Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy is so brilliant and very captivating! The clothes for this film are amazing. If you haven't seen this film, I would most definitely suggest you do! It brings you into a world and time that none of us have gotten a chance to experience! Oh, how I wish I lived back then, at least for a little while. It was a time of great elegance!

I was also reminded of how gorgeous Keira Knightley is! Now, I must say I do not approve of some of the pictures I've seen of her looking scary thin! That isn't good, but most of the time she looks stunning! Something about her face is just beautiful! Her are some amazing shots of her to only further my point!

Isn't she just gorgeous! Her bone structure and her hair and everything else is just beautiful! Do you agree??

Well, I gotta go now, we are closing on our home today at 3:30! We finally get the keys to our first home! It has been a long and time-consuming ordeal, but it has finally come to end! For those of you who don't know, my husband and I have been living in an apartment, and have been lucky enough to buy our first home! Now all we have to do is move! We've already been packing, which let me say is dreadful! So I can't wait to be done with that and settled in our new house! I hope all of you are having as good of day as I am!


jeannie said...

yes, she definitely is so gorg!!

Sher said...

Pride and prejudice is one of my loves, I can watch it over and over again! And I do wish I lived in those times too:)

Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

Sweet Things said...

i love that movie!
u put amazing photos!!!
i can't stop watch at her face:)))

gleenn said...

yes, she is hilarious. i love her face so much, although, i don't really like her figure.

you don't have a blogroll girl? ;)

Anonymous said...

i think she is pretty...but

one time i was on a date with a guy watching pirates of the Caribbean... (I think #1) so this was a while ago..and they guy i was with just kept going on about how hot she was. so now i kinda don't like her. lol

you got some good pics of her! i'm impressed

and congrats on your house! that's so cool! someday i'll have a house too!

Jenny said...

She's absolutely stunning - I'm incredibly jealous of Ms. Knightley =)

Timeless Fashion... said...

I agree about Keira. She's one of the most beautiful actresses ever!

mica said...

i agree! keira knightley's really pretty :) congrats on your new home! do upload some pics of your cosy place soon :)


Emily Cato said...

She's so gorgeous! i've always wished I looked like her, and her bone structure is flawless!

hope you're doing well!! <3

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Keira she is so beautiful and a great actress too ! I love the movie too :)

and I have loved them too ever since I was little ! and glad that you want to know more about me !!


E said...

She is so gorgeous. I've loved her since Bend It Like Beckham. Ok, I just love Bend It Like Beckham.

Faridah said...

She's too pretty for words!


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