Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Must Haves For Fall

Must haves for Fall

Fall is here. Summer has left us once more. It’s time to put those bathing suits away, until next year that is. Here are some must haves for fall that I put together. I hope this helps you when you go shopping for new items in the next few weeks.

A unique printed scarf- helps you stay warm and helps you pull off a fashion statement. This accessory is key for fall. Embrace it. Don’t settle for a boring bland color. Choose something exciting and eye-catching because more then likely it will be paired with a simple colored coat or jacket. This is a great way to add color and add your personal style sense to your outfit.

Left: Smocked Floral Scarf: $10.80 Right: Animal Print Scarf: $8.80

Both from www.forever21.com but you can find fun scarves just about anywhere!

Check out these scarves from my polyvore set!

The highest price is $37!

Boots: whether it’s ankle booties or practically knee high, there is a boot out there for anyone! Sometimes a girl just can’t go out in her most loved heels, the weather doesn’t permit it. Boots can be a way to look sexy without stilettos or compromising are toes to the cold! I do want to say though during the fall it is totally acceptable to wear a pair of tights with your high heels to help fend off the cold! That is a great solution to those of you not willing to say goodbye to your peep toe heels! Anyway, here are some great boots to choose from for the fall and into winter. I know boots may cost a bit more then your average heel but during the fall and winter seasons you will get so much use out of them, and will more than likely get many years out of them! So invest in a pair today!

I chose these because they are reasonably priced and very chic! All Boots featured are under $50
Here are some ankle boots:
The Ankles
The Ankles by DreamyGirl22 featuring Forever21 shoes

The Lengthier Ones:

Left: Naomi Lace Up Bootie $32.80 Right: Monroe Suedette Boot $34.80

Jacket/coat- depending on where you live your fall may be a cold one or not too bad. More than likely you will need some form of a coat to stay warm. Here are some ideas that you may want to invest in soon!

-The Bomber jacket- I was lucky enough to find a metallic one in my size on sale at Forever 21 for only $9.99! So finding a reasonably priced one is not too challenging, which is always good for those of us trying to look good on a budget! This type of jacket can make you look tough, in a good way. This look may not be for everyone, so if you are about to buy one, maybe bring someone along to give their honest opinion, although many of you know by now what works best on you

The Bombers
The Bombers by DreamyGirl22 featuring 77kids jackets

-The peacoat- this style always seems to reappear in the fall and winter seasons and there’s a reason for it. A peacoat can work on many shapes and sizes and can be fashion savy and not only look good but also keep you warm

-The Trench Coat- this can look very classy. Think Audrey Hepburn or wear it your own way!

A Cardigan- this is also a great way to show off your individuality! There are so many fun printed cardigans available in stores today! Ranging from fun patterns to gorgeous colors, you can’t go wrong! It’s obvious that it is also a great way to stay warm! You can still get some use of those summer dresses if you pair it with the right cardigan. Forever 21 is not only practically my favorite store, but it is also a great source to find these fabulous cardigans, and for a low price. So if you live near a Forever 21 stop buy there today or check them out online. Here are some of the cardigans I’m loving right now from a range of different stores:

Gloves- are essential during the winter time but are also great for the fall as well! We see celebrities embrace the gloved look in an array of different styles. There is the right pair of gloves out there for everyone. You can stand out with rocker style gloves or choose more of a romantic style glove. You decide!

Hats: hats are good not only for fall/winter but for those days when you want to hide your bad hair day from the world! You know what I’m talking about! Make sure you find the right look for you, because wearing the wrong hat can make you look like a fool…….

Well, I hope that helps, and I would love to hear what other items are essentials for you for the fall!


Savvy Gal said...

all great picks. i am zeroing in on scarves this season. : ) btw, i have a tolani scarf giveaway this week.

bloo. said...

i really like all pics. :))


fashionblogger said...

I love your selection of accessories. I'm a big fan of scarf and hats and your picks are great!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You have completely tapped into my psyche; I so need all of the above. In the case of scarves, however, I also love a good tube scarf. They are so easy to style, and supremely cozy. Also, I'd like a knit hood, and perhaps an Ali Macgraw-inspired embellished knit hat. :)

Kristin said...

Fabulous must haves. I'm on the hunt for a moto jacket!

E said...

I totally need a pair of lace-up ankle boots like those!!!

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

I'm drooling over the hot boots and the leather jackets!!

milk said...

I can't wait to be able to shrug into a peacoat. I love all the colors they come in!

Carlotta said...

great guide, I'm packin gwith scarves & boots!!


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