Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uh, Hair!!

Girls I died my hair a light brown.....I don't know if I like it or not, I really wanted to be brave enough to go as dark as Jessica stroup, but didn't have to courage. I don't know if I should go back to blonde or go darker, or just keep it as is.......

Keep in mind I am pale, and will not go to a tanning bed.....

Should I do a fake tan from a bottle?? Which kind is best? Or should I just avoid it?

I don't want to just fade into the background....

Wish I had a working camera, I will try to show you the new hair soon! Even if it's just with the laptop!


mica said...

i just got hair extensions yesterday - my very 1st! fun experience but butt hurt frm sitting in the salon for 4hrs! n i dyed it a dark brown :)

i think pple with fair complexion will look really good in darker coloured hair! gives u that extra character. u shld try dark brown next time!

jane st. clair said...

honestly, if you think you like it at all, i'd try it off for a while (to get used to it; maybe a week or so) and then i'd dry a semi-permanent darker shade just to see. why not try? then, you can use something like "color oops" and then dye it back light if you don't like it. then you won't have to wonder if you'd like it.

as far as sunless tanner, i use two things. first i use the jergens natural glow. you put it on each day, and it gradually gives you a tan. there's also an accelerated version that's still gradual but is kind of between normal-speed tanners and the regular natural glow. second, i use alba's sunless tanner:
CONS: (1) it's very thick and takes a while to dry. it will rub off on your clothes if you put them on too soon. (2) it will streak or get intense on your ankles if you're not careful.
PROS: (1) unlike most products that claim not to have a bad smell, this really smells good! (2) the color is AMAZING and really really looks real. (3) it's from a company that is really good for your skin. it's the only sunless tanner that doesn't make my skin break out.

when you shower next, some of it will come off on your wash rag, but you'll be glad b/c it will look more even. if you scrub any build-up spots, they'll even out.

what i do is use the alba, and then i use the jergens to maintain; or, i use jergens alone if i just want a little something.

sorry that's so long, but i've been on the same journey for a good sunless tanner (and i've longed to have dark hair too), and i just wanted to share.

good luck, love!

the little violet dress

Anonymous said...

i wish you had pics :) if you don't like it change it... it's really hard to know what you'll like though going two extremes... for instance I love dark dark hair on myself, but i also love blond, but don't ever think its "me". anyways...have fun ;)

Sherin said...

I think you'll really suit a light brown hair colour. I'd love to see pics!

About the tan, hmmm, I think you'll be fine without it.

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