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The topic is makeup! I know you girls have makeup! Most of you know a thing or two about it I know that’s for sure! But do you know how long is too long to keep some of your most beloved cosmetics?? There’s a time limit on how long you should keep most cosmetics. There’s a time when you need to stop using them and toss them out! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then today is your lucky day! The Hot Spot is going to fill you in on what you need to know!

Lip gloss

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sadly after only 3 months of opening your lip gloss you need to toss it! I think this is the hardest one for me. I buy lip gloss all the time, and have tons, so I only use one kind in particular every so often. I always switch up which lip gloss I’m using at the time, but never actually finish the tube! Also, lip gloss with a wand applicator is the quickest to go. The tube type applicator may be able to be kept a little longer. Thank goodness!


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surprisingly lipstick can be kept for up to one year! So that’s reassuring! Although, I hardly wear lipstick, but I’m sure many of you do!


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it’s crucial for you to throw this out after 3 months, you don’t want to mess around with growing bacteria in the tube, and then applying that bacteria to your eyes!! Could result in some dangerous problems!

Eye Shadows:

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Cream eye shadow- 3 months

Powder eye shadow- since it’s powder it can last up to 1 year


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depends on if its oil or water based

Water based foundation- keep no longer than 6 months

Oil based foundation- will be good for at least 1 year, could possibly be kept up to 18 months!

So, I bet some of you have some cleaning out to do! Just look at it this way, since you have to get rid of some of your makeup it gives you a reason to go out and buy some new stuff!! Who doesn’t like buying new cosmetics? Keep in mind how long things will last when you are out and about buying new items though. You probably won’t need a lot of one particular item since you may not be able to go through so much before it’s time to toss it out!

I hope this was helpful! I know I learned a lot when I first heard about the life spans of my cosmetics!

Also, I want to know what makeup you girls most regularly buy/use? What’s your favorite lipstick, lip gloss? And all the other makeup items mentioned? Fill me in!!!

Have a wonderful day girls!


Leia said...

Wow, this is really useful, thank you! I think I keep my cosmetics for far too long, but I do try to wash my brushes regularly to keep it germ free.

My fave brand is Benefit - they have a huge variety and great packaging, too! I also love Bare Minerals. I know this is shameful but I have never tried Mac make up!

Anonymous said...

Wow! i didn't know that about the lip gloss, I have so many as well, and I definitely wouldn't be able to throw them out after 3 months of use!

Pierrot le Fou said...

good post, apparently make up causing infections can lead to other problems!I'm very OCD about eye make-up, it's so gross how germy it can get! it's even worse if you share

gotta make sure you clean your brushes often too :)

Sherin said...

Firstly, I love the new header! It looks wonderful.

Thanks for this post? I buy lots of make up, but then just leave it and don't use it. I should probably do a clean up now.

Sher said...

Oh I've read this somewhere before and I'm guilty for not throwing away some of the cosmetics which have expired:P

I love MAC and I have heaps of Stila products! I'm a fan of cute packaging when I buy cosmetics:)


Cafe Fashionista said...

I use a mix of lip gloss from mark and Victoria's Secret; and I worship mark mascara!! :)


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