Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taylor Swift Straightening Up

So girls, have you seen Taylor Swift's new straight hair do? When I saw the picture below I didn't even recognize her!! I am so envious of her hair!! Not only does the new straight look, look amazing, but the blonde highlights, look gorgeous!! That's how I wish my hair actually looked!! Who knew Taylor would look that different with just a straightened style???

I've never heard anything bad said about Taylor Swift. You never hear any scandals tied to her. All I hear is how loyal of a friend she is, and how big of a heart she has. I think she is actually a great role model for young girls these days! She never shows too much skin, and her songs aren't about, well to be blunt, sex, there just about real life issues, written and song in a beautiful mature and wholesome way. Let's applaud Taylor Swift and hope that young girls follow suit!

What do you think about her being a good role model? What do you think about her new hairstyle?? Let your opinions be heard on The Hot Spot!


Sher said...

I love Taylor, she's beautiful, down to earth and provides wholesome music! What's there not to love? And she looks fabulous with her straightened hair:)

Anonymous said...

Wow she looks so different! she still is so amazing

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Anonymous said...

I agree she looks so different! I like it though. :) And idk if you go to a salon, but if I don't box my hair, I go to a beauty school, it's like 1/2 price and they do a pretty good job honestly. :) Then maybe you can get those highlights.
And i do just love your blog. :)

The Owl's Closet said...

omgosh, i didn't recognize her, either! i love taylor swift:) i agree, she's definitely a wonderful role model. i love she is very much grounded and down to earth:)

Diane said...

wow i don't know what to think of this look. i mean it doesn't even look like her! i don't think it is a bad look...but i like her in curls more

Eden said...

wow. taylor looks SO different. and i love it! TBH, i was getting kinda sick of the sugary sweet curls. hehe. love this look better!


Phoebe Rose said...

I'm not a big fan of her music so I don't know a whole lot about her, but one things for sure...her hair is amazing!!


Amy said...

I think she is good role model for girls, she looks good, but i prefer her gorgeous curls!

SogniSorrisi said...

I'm always wary about these pop stars being looked at as role models. They usually start out being modest and then it spirals. I don't know if they feel the need to be sexy because it sells or if they think being sexy will make them seem grown up but it doesn't usually last.

Sherin said...

Wow! She looks fantastic with straight hair as well. You would have thought that a hairstyle can make you look so different!
I love her whole image: she's just such a wonderful role model to have for young girls. I really think more celebrities should be like her. And she is really talented.

Mi Vida Bonita said...

I love her straight style with bangs. This is sorta how my hair is cut now, except my bangs are not as taimed as hers. Oh how I wish they were!!

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