Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Hot Spot Celebrates One Year!

Happy 1st Birthday To The Hot Spot!

A year has gone by so quickly! Blogspot was just something I read about in a magazine, and I was instantly intrigued by it! It's been a great way for this small town girl to reach out into the world of fashion. I can't truly express how happy this blog has made me. The friendships made through blogger have definitely been the best part of it all!

I never quite expected to meet so many kind and genuinely lovely young ladies on here! And through a common love of fashion, I feel as though we have bonded! That is why I would love to pass out this award, made to celebrate The Hot Spot's first year!

The Amazing Ladies to receive this award are:

Sherin and Leia from HiFashion
Annie from
Erika from Cafe Fashionista
Mica from Confessions of a Crybaby
Eden from Chic in the Tropics
Heather from heat storm
Sher from Beneath The Crystal Stars
E from District of Chic

We may have been friends on here for a while now, or just recently have gotten to know each other a bit, but in one way or another each of you have touched my life in a special way, and I just want to thank you!

I would also love to open up more with all my lovely followers! A year has gone by and I realize that some of you may not know much about me personally. So what would you girls like to know? Please post your questions as comments on this post and I will do my best to answer all of them as part of celebrating my year blog anniversary and starting out the second year right! Whether you've been following me for a while now, or are just a newbie, I'm sure you can think of something to ask. Feel free to ask more than one question. The more the better!

Well, that is all for now, but I hope you have an amazing day!!


Tariro said...

YAYYYY! Congrats!

Ganymede Girl said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary!

Leia said...

Happy bloggiversary and thank you so much for the award! We <3 you, Tasha!!

My question: How did you and your husband meet? :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy, Happy Blogiversary my love! Here's to another year of fabulous fashion-forward posts at THE HOT SPOT!

Congratulations on the award darling - so well-deserved! Thank you so much for passing it along to me; you've made my day!! :)

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo..congrats. thanks for following...i am excited for the next year for your blog :)

E said...

It has been a year, hasn't it! And I love the great (if not purely virtual) relationships I've gained from it! I've loved reading your posts and receiving your helpful feedback on my posts, as well. Thank you so much!

E said...

Oh and I would love to hear more about how you and your hubby met/fell in love, seeing as how there aren't too many of us married bloggers out there :-)

Miss Eve said...

Oh, a Very Happy Birthday to your blog and congrats on the blogger award dear Tasha! Keep up the great work!

Hope you having a lovely week, cheers: Evi

Sherin said...

Happy Blog anniversary!

Thank you for the award!! Its feels so much more special to recieve it because its more personal!

Making friends from all over the world is definitely one of my favourite part of blogging. And I'm glad I got to know you. You are definitely one of my favourite bloggers!

I'll definitely think of some questions to ask:

What do you do in the 'real world'?

Nathalie said...

Congratulations to your anniversary!!

Sher said...

Happy one year darling!

And thank you so very much for the award too!

Okay questions,
where is your favourite place to shop? What is your most cherished item in your closet? And of course I would love to know about your love story with the hubby too!! Spill it all:)


Anonymous said...

So, here's my questions... do you work? or are you going to college? What are your favorite things about your life? I know my questions are personal, but that's what I'm curious about. lol And thanks for the award! I love your blog too!

Slaveia Alova said...

Happy one year!

un petit lapin said...

Happy birthday to The Hot Spot!
Looking forward to more posts from you :)
I love your top from the post above.

Rachel said...

Happy blog birthday! I just had mine, its such a great feeling! Good luck for the year to come and I look forward to what you're going to post this year!


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