Saturday, March 27, 2010



First, thank you girls for the advice about my hair! My birthday is just around the corner, so we'll see what happens.  Onto the outfit......This is what I wore the other day.  My husband and I were needing to run a bunch of errands that day so I felt like dressing comfortably.  This sweater is perfect for that.  I can just put it over any tank top paired with jeans and it works great. 

What's your go to item for a lazy day??

Cardigan: Forever 21
Flower tank: Forever 21
Jeans: bongo
Silver Heels: candies


My husband told me to try to hop on the rope!  In heels it was trickier then you would think!! lol  I held on just long enough for him to take the picture!!! 

Here's a close up of the heels.

There fun.  Definitely different from what I would normally pick out, but I like these little booties. 

Back to the hair, I know, you may get tired of this, but I need your help!! : )

I'm trying to figure out what my actual face shape is, so I can maybe follow the advice given for that face shape.  Here are the options:

Here's a close up of my face!

I was asking my husband what he thought, and we were kind of debating.  We think maybe it's a heart shape???  Not sure, thought I would ask you girls what you thought.  Thank you everyone for all your help! Have a wonderful day!!



Sherin said...

Such a cute outfit, and it looks so perfect for a day of errands. The jeans look fabulous on you. My casual comfy outfit is a lot less glamorous (sneakers, jeans).

I am so bad when it comes to face shapes. I still can't figure out what mine is. I do think you're probably more of a heart shape though.

Leia said...

I have no clue about face shapes (don't even know my own!!) but I think it looks like a heart, too, based on the photos above. I have to say that the picture of you on the rope is soooo cute! And I love your flower tank!

Susi said...

1st: def. heart shape!

2nd: Haha, funny that you named this post with "attention"! :D It really caught my attention and I was happy to see you striking a pose again! :D Thats my fav posts! :D

3rd: I have a lot of casual days. So this is a perfect look: jeans and simple shirt. Just comfi :) Wow, and the shoes are the anti-comfi :D Killer heels!

Couture said...

Beautiful outfit! I also think heart shape.


Anonymous said...

Love your shoes!!!

My first thought is heart, but then I thought maybe rectangle.
If you are really wondering you can measure your face, (across forhead eyes, cheeks. etc) see if they change in size. Then you can better determine. Some sights if your oval,(cuz that's what I am) then the length of your face is about one and 1/2 times longer than the horizontal lenght...etc. :) Have fun!

projectvee said...

love the flower tank :) my comfy outfits usually look similar to this as well! either that or i'd throw on an oversized sweater with tights haha

Harriet said...

Those heels are so pretty, I bet they spice up any outfit!

Clara said...

lovely look!

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

beautiful tank top and your shoes are cute!

lovelyviolet5 said...

This colection is amazing!!!!

Sher said...

Hmm, I think you're either a heart shape or an oval shape! But I can't be sure till I see your forehead lol:P

Love this casual outfit, I think I need a cardi like yours!


Liya said...

so mod

BreakingOutOfTheShell<3 said...

Hi! just read your comment on my blog! Thanks for following! I just followed! I love this post, would love to have these items in my closet lol.


Rae said...

I did a post on this a couple months ago! I love this collection and thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog!! It's much appreciated!!!

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

Blicious said...

the big heart is amazing! i want it!!!!!


.....InStyle.... said...


..::ramonies said...

Again, I have to say you've got wonderful shoes! I'm impressed!

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