Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Question!

The other day at work, my best friend Kim, who has always been like the sister I never had, stopped in, and brought me these beautiful flowers!  This was actually before my birthday, and wasn't part of my b-day gift or anything.  She handed them to me and said: "I just wanted to tell you congratulations!"  I looked at her confused and said,"Um thank you, but for what?"  She said, "Your going to be an Aunt!"   She is pregnant!  And although, technically I'm not going to be an aunt, we are like sisters, so you get the idea!  I thought that was a super thoughtful and sweet way for her to tell me, and I thought I would share it with all of you!  Quick info on her, she is happily married for what will be coming up on 4 years, and she has no children so far.  So they are obviously very excited, as am I!  She will also be 25 in October!

I was wondering what you girls thought was a good age to start having kids?  I know some of you aren't married, and some of you aren't even seeing anyone these days, but if the situation was just how you had always pictured, and let's pretend everything came together at the right time,  what age would you want to start having kids?  My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years, I've just turned 24 and he will be 27 in September.  We knew we didn't want to have kids right away, because we wanted to have time to enjoy married life, just the two of us.  Do some traveling and be financially ready.  Now that almost two years have past, we can't help but think,  
is it time?  

We do know we don't want to be really old geezers by the time are kids are graduating high school, so we do want to have children some time in the near future.  We just don't know how near.  It's definitely a tough and big decision, but I think we are going about it the right way, and not rushing into it, trying to be smart. Anyway, what do you girls think?  In your dream life what age would you start having kids? 


Charlie said...

well I for sure want to graduate and start working and it is about 9 years til that´s going to happen, so not in a long time for me... Think you´ve got the right approach and you shouldn´t rush. I believe you´ll know when you´re ready, at least I hope I´ll just know in the future.

Jamie said...

oeeh the folowers are pretty,

sunaina said...

Congrats! I am 21 and my boyfriend is 27, I'm still in college so we think I should have my graduation first and make a carrier, but when I get there my boyfriend will be so much older! Of course that doesn't have to be a problem, I think we're not gonna have kids until I'm around 30. I will be a kind of an old mom but I will do my best to stay fit so that nobody would notice that.

My parents were 31 and 37 when they got me and I didn't have bad experiences with their age. In fact, people always think that my mom is my sister!

If it's time for you? It depends on a lot of things, what is your ambition in life? Kids can be a sort of an obstacle, so better take them too late than too early. It sounds like you and your husband are pretty much settled so that's a good base for having a child. You're both pretty young so there's no rush, but I understand that you don't want to wait very long anymore. I think that you will just know when you two are ready!

Leia said...

Congratulations to Kim!

As for your question... my mum had her first child at 28, and had me at 32 (my dad was 31 and 35). So, I think you guys have a few more years to enjoy each other's company if you don't feel the need to have kids yet! But maybe the two of you could start babysitting other parents' children to see if you think you're ready to deal with all that...? :)

As for me, I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 31 (huge age gap, I know!) but we're not married yet, so I'm not thinking of kids right now at all. I know he'll probably want to have children as soon as he can after we get married though, since he's already in his 30s!

Sherin said...

A huge congratulations for your friend!

I agree with Leia, maybe you should babysit other children, and see if you guys are ready to take such a big step.

Ideally, I think the best age to have children in mid-late 20's. I think 26/27 is a good age.

Susi said...

Congrats to your "sister"! To my mind its the perfect age. But when it comes to the perfect point of time, I think such a thing doesn't exist.

I'm turning 25 next month and I'm very happy with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. We just want to finish our exams and then who knows ... ?! ;D

I myself think that I'm prepared. But there's no need to pressure.

Couture said...

For me I defintely want to become a mum before I become 30, maybe at 28. I want to be settled first and as you say have enough money to raise a child. If you and your husband feel ready, then you should go for it!

shari @ little blue deer said...

That is a really sweet idea, for sure. Regarding kids, I think you have plenty of time, I don't think women start having problems conceiving till their early 30s. I think you're right to consider all of the potential issues, money, travel, resources, jobs, etc., but I think when you're ready you guys will know!

Sher said...

Congrats to your sis and to you for being an aunt soon!

I definitely want babies in the near future, I can feel my biological clock ticking fast:P

Maybe in 2 years time!


Serina said...
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The Owl's Closet said...

tasha, congrats on ur win! the necklace is gorgeous! she definitely has beautiful designs! ooo loving ur new hair color:)

Anonymous said... here come the young age.
I was 19 (almost 20) when I got pregnant and had been married for 1 1/2 weeks.
I wouldn't give up Myles for anything and he is perfect for Andrew and I. However it has brought about a lot of set backs. Andrew is just now starting school, which he could have been probably a year ago but hey.
If I could re do it, I'm not sure that I would change it, but I'm not sure I wouldn't either. Babies are amazing. But they do take up a lot of time and effort.
I plan on waiting about 5 years before having another one. ...Things are kinda hard with me, because I am Mormon, having children young is very common, however, Now that I have a child, this would be my advice...
Take your time if you want to. If you don't then don't. But know that children are a lot of work, BUT There is NOTHING in this world that can compare to the love that a mother has for their child. Nothing. I absolutely promise.
If you want advice on parenting I'm here. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, and those are the kind of flowers I had for my wedding! with white roses. I'll show you pics sometime.
and...I LOVE being a mother. It isn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I thought I would suck at it, but I don't. lol
You don't have to be a "traditional" mother... stay at home, have all your kids a few years apart. That's one thing I wish people would have told me. If you want a career, you can do it. It just depends on what works for you. So yeah...probably more than you wanted. lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting! great blog! i used to think i'd have my first child by the age of 25, but i'm 24 and 6 months now, and single, so i've upped the age to 30...

Anonymous said...

that is a very very very sweet/cute/pretty necklace!



.....InStyle.... said...

very nice!


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