Sunday, April 04, 2010

Three Topics: Thank you, Outfit, Winning!

Ok girls, as always, I want to thank you for your good feedback on the subject of my new hair style!  All of you offer such great advice and helpful ideas, for which I am grateful for!!  

Here's an outfit post:  

Button down top: Forever 21
White Pants: Walmart
Brown Belt: Forever 21
Leaf Earrings: Forever 21
Snake skin heels: Payless

I really like this look actually.  Since I've lost weight the white pants are super baggy on me, so I decided I would try this brown belt I have that came with a pair of brown shorts from Forever 21.  I tucked in my button down shirt and belted the pants and it came together pretty well.  My husband really liked it too.  Also he suggested that we drive to one of the parks about 15 minutes away from our house to take pictures.  He was being very sweet.  It was quite windy though, as you can tell by the last picture of me with my hair blowing!  But I'm ok with a little wind, it's still super nice out!  Today it actually reached 81!!  Which is crazy!!  But nice!

Here's a close up of the heels: 

And guess what I actually won a giveaway!!  I can't believe it!  It's my first time winning a giveaway on blogger and I can't wait to get this necklace in the mail!!

Leslie from A Blonde Ambition was the amazing blogger who was having the giveaway!  Be sure to check out her blog! She always has such fabulous posts!! And Devon Baer is the designer!  Thank you both!  I will definitely be doing a post about it when I receive it in the mail and I will have more information about the designer and where you can purchase this piece or something similar! 

Well, I gotta go now, but I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!  


projectvee said...

congrats on winning :) you deserve it!

Alexis said...

This is absolutely adoorable!!!! Love the navy and white combo, very nautical! And congrats on winning!!

beingdena said...

Congrats on winning!! Just found your blog and love it.


ps. I also like the cute and creative buttons, not sure how they work so I pressed a them a few times haha :)

its simple love said...

I love this outfit! It looks classy and summery. Congrats on losing weight! What's your secret?


simplychic said...

cute :) i can't wait to break out my white pants!

Jessie said...

Love the outfit. I shop a lot at forever21 and I love that you can make really fashionable outfits without spending a ton! Congrats on winning the necklace looks awesome!!!


t said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway! :)

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

(belated if I'm too late!)

I love your blog, and it's format!

Your outfit is also very nice, looks really laid back and comfortable.

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your B-day!

Susi said...

Haha I'm a bit confused 'cos my time is nine houres "in future" to your's! Means its your birthday today??? Its already Monday morning in my place :D Yay, whatever ...


So congrats on winning this goodie :)

Persis Shah said...

love your shoes...and congrats on winning a give away, that necklace is fabulous!

wishing you a very happy birthday in advance...hope you get a lot of fashionable goodies on your birthday!


Sherin said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

The white trouser look really good on you. And the shoes are gorgeous!

Congratulations on winning!!!

Yahnay said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a fab day.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Congratulations to your win! I agree, this is a lovely, laid-back look and suits you perfectly.

Leia said...

I love your hair, I love your outfit, and that necklace you won is awesome too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!

Sher said...

I love your simple, casual outfit! The white pants look really comfy!!

And congrats on winning the necklace! I'm sure you'll win more giveaways in the future hehe:)


H A N N A H ♥ said...

GORGEOUS outfit, and congrats on winning such a lovely prize :)

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog - sorry for the super late reply! Things have been so crazy recently.

...and HAPPY EASTER! x



CYNTHIA said...

congratulations on winning the necklace, lucky! following you now. follow me too?

come visit her at
seek me find

sunaina said...

Cool snake skin heels!

Congrats on the winning and
happy birthday!! xoxo

Phuong said...

Congrats! The necklace is stunning!!

firecrackers said...

this is perfect for spring...and so chic and comfy!

Eve said...

What a delightful outfit dear Tasha! And that necklace...hmmmm...I'm in love :-)

Hope you having a lovely week, cheers: Evi

Pina Colada Kisses said...

Love the white cargo pants

Eden said...

babe, sorry its been so long! i'm just balancing everything in life lately--but boy aren't you the prettiest birthday girl?! have a good one gorgeous:)


gleenn said...

this is really chic outfit girl. looking relax while in style :)

beingdena said...

congrats on winning gorgeous girl. x

beingdena said...

ps. now following you with blogluvin x


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