Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Review of America's Next Top Model

 Final Two Girls: Krista and Raina

As most of you know America's Next Top Model had it's finale last night!  It was two hours long and went from the the bottom four to the bottom two and then to the winner!  Which was KRISTA!  It wasn't too surprising considering she won best photo the last four times!!  The judges obviously liked what they saw.

Although, I think they probably made the right choice, she wasn't who I was rooting for.  My number one choice was Jessica from the beginning.  

 All photos above of Jessica

She made it the top five and then was sadly sent home.  I liked her personality and thought she was gorgeous.  A lot of the girls were very rude to each other and were always biting each other's heads off.  I thought the worst of these girls was probably Ansley, although it's a tough call.

 Ansley in photo

Alasia was also behind a lot of the drama, I think for her it's something she will grow out of as she matures. She was only 18. 
  You can't deny her beauty.  

photos of Alasia 

Throughout the show Angelea was snappy and mean to some of the girls, but to be honest she grew on me in the last few episodes.  It seemed to me that the attitude problem she may have had was only just a cover up to keep her real emotions hidden.  You could tell towards the end how bad she wanted this, and how important it really was for her.  It was a dream of a better life. 

 Angelea in above photos, she really takes stunning shots

Krista and Alex totally rubbed me the wrong way.  They just seemed simply mean and for no good reason.  Only in the season finale did I finally begin to somewhat like Krista.

Alex above (she was one of the plus size models this season)

Although I didn't like Alex's attitude one bit, it was nice to see a plus size model in the top four.  

Raina the girl along side Krista in the top two kept being compared to Brooke Shields by the judges because of similar facial features.  She also had a real bubbly and sweet personality.  I felt bad when Krista and Alex were mocking her.....

What do you think?  Did any of you girls follow it??  If so I'd love to hear what you thought.  And even if you didn't follow this season, what do you think of some of these photos here?  Who would you have chosen??  And I'm sad now that's it over, what will I watch now on Wednesday nights!! lol


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Charlie said...

Maybe they´ll show this on TV here after a year or so... ;) Always behing the shows lol.

Jamie said...

Nice review! :)

Sherin said...

They are all so beautiful! I've always wanted to watch this, but never have had the time. And I agree: Jessica is stunning!

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice post, I love ANTM! & Jessica is stunning indeed!

Sunaina said...

They're all gorgeous and talented!
I don't really have the time to watch:(

un petit lapin said...

I love all the different photo shoots they do!


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