Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Silver Spikes Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample from Three Blondes Jewelry's new collection not too long ago, and have yet to do my review on it.  So here we go! :)

First, for those of you haven't heard of Three Blondes Jewelry let me quickly give you a little information about the company.

It was first launched in 2008 by Summer Rej and Jennifer Meyers.  Below is a brief description from their website: 

"The Name, Three Blondes, or 3B for short, is a reference to three girls influenced by style icons of the past living their twenties with a joie de vivre and killer fashion sense.  A true connoisseur, the "Three Blondes" girl is an influencer.  She lives, breathes, and exudes a knack for sourcing the unique and exquisite.  Three Blondes jewelry celebrates these qualities and invites the wearer to share in and contribute to the fun."
Born and raised in New York City, these girls first launched a small t-shirt brand in 2003, and now have the The Three Blondes Jewelry line! To read more from their bio click here.

So the girls sent me something they picked out themselves from their newest collection.  

My freebie came in this cute little draw string pink bag!  
Which included their very chic business card with more detail on the back.
You all know I am a sucker for pink.......so I thought it was very fun and stylish packaging!

What I received was a hair accessory called Silver Spikes!
You can get this set of two for $72.


I wouldn't normally think to wear spikes in my hair, but the girls behind Three Blondes Jewelry made these spikes almost have a dainty look to them. These handcrafted hair accessories are detailed and unique.  And don't most of want something that sets us apart from others?  That makes us stand out?  These definitely would!

 I also wanted to show you girls some of the other items on their website, that are definitely worth checking out!  
Like The Twinkle

The Garland:

The Bowtie:  

 They also offer bracelets with names like: The Marilyn, The Grace, The Courtney, and The Briggite.  Can you guess who the bracelets might be made named after??

And then one of my favorites from their hair accessories!
The Icon 

Such a fabulous headband,right??  I'm in love!

To purchase a set of your own Silver Spikes you can directly contact Summer or Jennifer at bonjour@threeblondesnyc.com

 To purchase any of the other items shown above or to shop from the rest of their amazing online store click here!   

There are pieces for any girl's style and prices for anyone's budget, so be sure to check it out!  Another good reason to purchase an item from Three Blondes Jewelry: 5% of the retail sale price of each product will be donated to charity.   Summer and Jennifer  have said on their website " Each year a different charity will be selected as their are so many causes dear to our hearts." 

You can't help but support that! :)  I hope you girls enjoyed this review.  I want to say thank you to Summer Rej and Jennifer Meyers for their generosity in sending me something free to do a review on.  I love that I was given this opportunity and I enjoy being able to see The Hot Spot grow and evolve! 


Becca said...

ahhh such pretty jewelry! x

Sherin said...

Fantastic review! I love those earrings. They are so pretty. Three Blondes do such beautiful stuff.

projectvee said...

these are quite pretty :)!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh that's awesome you got some cool jewelry! i LOVE the bowtie necklace the best!!

Jolie said...

I am in love with the bow necklace! Fabulous site! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

beingdena said...

great review. Pretty jewellery.

Dena x

Oskar said...

Love this review, adooooore the bow necklace! You are so lucky to get jewelry, especially ones so beautiful.

Moosette said...

Adore the bowtie necklace!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Thanks for following me! ♥
Anyway I love that cutie spikey necklace XDXD

nuheila said...

Beautiful jewerrely!Love them.


Sher said...

That's really beautiful spikes! Show it to us when you wear it on your hair:)


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, what beautiful pieces. Though I especially love the fact that they come in a little pink drawstring bag. What a cute touch!! :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Fun earrings!

Happy Wednesday- hope you're week's going well!

Harriet said...

What pretty jewellary! I love the bowtie bracelet.

Jesa said...

Following :)

Your so pretty!

Artist said...

Some of them are amazing, some less. I like the photos.


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