Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sleep In Style

I don't know about most of you, but when I go to sleep I don't usually wear something very stylish.  I stick to something loose and baggy.  Either a simple pair of sweats with one of my husband's t-shirts.  (One of the benefits of being married, an unlimited supply of t-shirts to wear to bed!) Or a pair of comfy pajama shorts with a tank top.  I came across some super cute sleep wear, that made me think, maybe I should look a little bit better when I go to sleep.  Especially if I can find things for good prices like these items here:

Floral pajama shorts from forever 21 for just under $6 

Or this set for only $20 from Victoria Secret 

Or this set for $28.  I love the bright yellow color!!

Obviously Victoria Secret offers more revealing options, but I don't feel comfortable posting them! lol

 Here's a nightie from Aerie by American Eagle for $29.50 and available in multiple colors!

Check out these cute leopard boyfriend boxers for $15.50 from Aerie as well
And if you still want to stick to your sweats......try a bright colored pair like these:

They are cropped and colorful and just under $30 from Aerie by American Eagle as well. 
And for a little bit of a sheer option.  Aerie has this cute apricot shell cami for  $24.50

 Without being to personal, what do you girls where to bed?  Something that's comfy more than stylish?  Or do you look just as chic going to bed as you do in all your outfit posts? 

Do you like any of these sleep wear options?
Where do you suggest buying cute pajamas from?  I definitely need to ditch my old brown sweatpants  and try something new!


Susi said...

Haha, seems to be the same all over! :D I confess I'm sleeping in my boyfriend shorts and shirts too! :D

Hey but then H&M offers sweat sleepwear too which is very affordable! Have you checked it out so far?

Leia said...

I like to wear cute things to bed! Nothing too awkward or revealing, as those things tend not to be comfortable. I love La Senza's sleepwear - you can get silk tops & bottoms which are soo comfy, or cotton trousers and tank tops. :)

Jamie said...

I love the one of Victoria's secret :)

Sherin said...

I wear really boring baggy things to bed. I wear a pair of sweats or an oversized t-shirt as well. I've always wanted prettier things to where to bed, so that I can look stylish even when I sleep. These selections are so wonderful. I love the floral pajama shorts. They look cute and comfy.

projectvee said...

these pjs are so pretty :)
i usually wear baggy tees to sleep as well! but these make me want to to shopping for cute pjs.

un petit lapin said...

Oh those floral shorts are cute! I wear cute T-shirts and loose pants as sleepwear, although I wish I had cute silk babydolls or matching short/tank sets. I also want a white victorian nightgown.

MissKimmy said...

those floral shorts are too adorable!

XO Kimmy

Sunaina said...

Comfy and beautiful, I adore the shorts!

E said...

That first pair of floral shorts are ADORABLE!

Froso said...

Those floral shorts are amazing! I prefer to wear some shorts with a matching tank top, that feels comfy and cute as well! Your blog is amazing, and I particularly love the purple background, I am following now, I would be more than happy if you like my blog and follow me back!

Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana

strawberry said...

beautiful drss

Nicole Jarecz said...

im horrible at pulling off this look. o well, its still really cute on others!

come and vote for my illustrations if you get a chance!

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Nicole Ritchie pulls this look off so well!


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