Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's the Final Countdown!

So girls I have a haircut appointment at 2:30 today!!  I'm going back to blonde or at least a way lighter brown, we will see.  The big thing though, and the thing I'm most nervous about it is: 
I am getting my hair cut!  

And not just a trim but I'm actually going to do what I've been wanting to do for what seems like over a year now, but have never gotten the guts to do until the last few days!!  Wish me luck!  The girl whom I made the appointment with is someone who has been doing my best friend's hair on a regular basis now for a few years.  My best friend, Kim, she has the shorter hair look and says that this girl is up to speed on the "hip" haircuts!  So hopefully I leave the salon happy! I feel like I'm going to be in good hands!

With all the coloring that was done to it around my birthday (with that salon lady misunderstanding me) and with getting it colored today, I feel as though my hair will be healthier if I cut a lot of it off!  Hopefully it looks good, and I will be sure to post pictures soon after getting it done!  I'm going to the salon with some pictures of how I want my hair cut so that should help right?  Take a look:

Above is Jessica Stroup, and all of my regular readers should know who she is by now! lol
I like the longer version of her hair for me, not when she has it just at her chin, it looks good on her, but I'm not willing to go to that extreme!

Below is Elizabeth Hendrickson.  She plays Chloe on The Young and The Restless.  I know, I know, some of you may make fun of me for it, but I do watch some soaps when I can!  :)  Anyway, I really like her hair cut as well!!  So maybe closer to her length or some where in between the two girls! 

What do you girls think?  Are you scared for me, just like I am?  haha  Hopefully it all turns out well!  I have a good feeling about this, let's hope I have a good feeling after my appointment as well! I feel like the shorter hair will give me a fresh new attitude.....if that makes sense.  I don't know, I just think it's a change that I need these days, and it's something I've wanted for a long time now, and getting brave enough to actually go through it, is an accomplishment I think.  

pictures from bing.com and http://elizabethhendrickson.org

I hope all of you girls are having a lovely afternoon! 


Jamie said...

I'm really exited to see your haircut ;)

Sher said...

I'm sure you'll be in good hands! Can't wait to see how it turns out:)


Charlie said...

can´t wait to see what you look like after! so exciting!!

Couture said...

I think it will be a huge change, but I'm sure it will look good!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Can't wait to see!!

Sherin said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see what your hair looks like when it's done. I think Chloe's haircut will suit you really well.

Erin said...

Omigod the excitement! I love getting my hair cut too and always do this dramatic swagger thing as soon as I get out of the hairdressers right before the wind comes along and messes it up haha...Am looking forward to seeing your new style!

Love love love,



Jessie said...

I think it will look great!!! I like the brown hair though!


P.s. Giveaway on my blog.. check it out if you have a chance :)

Leia said...

Oh my gosh I can't wait to see your new hair!!!

lucy and sarah said...

Great style for summer.

Camila Calvet said...

Gosh I'm really exiciting to see you with a haircut.. dont forget to show us..

E said...

That is the perfect length! I would love to try that with my hair if I can grow it out a bit!

Ashley said...

Great blog! That will be a cute cut!

I'm following you :)

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We are having a giveaway for a Burberry 10 piece manicure set. Stop by for your chance to win ! :)

Christina said...

Good luck! Hair is such an important part of finishing a look. I'm sure you'll look fabulous!

Susi said...

Uhhh I am so excited - can't wait to see!!!

This is an amazing haircut - I've had this cut last summer. Made me busy every morning to finish ;D If you have longer hair is much more easier - just do a bun and ready - short hair is a lot of work ...

IFB said...

Cute suits, they so say summer.
Cara from IFB

Natalie said...

the one pieces are so cute! tho i prefer two pieces! awesome post :)


MaNAa said...

Love all the swimwear in first pictures i have to buy one i'm waiting the sale;-)


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