Tuesday, June 22, 2010


New Hair!

So I got my hair cut short two weeks ago today!

Details:  The hair stylist put in a blonde toner to try to bring out the dark hair color.  The hair stylist was surprised at how hard it was to remove the dark hair dye.  She said the lady who had dyed my hair that dark must have used some heavy duty dark hair color!  So my hair didn't lightened up as much as she had expected it to.  I'm actually going back today and she is putting really light blonde highlights throughout it.  I'm pretty excited to be going back to blonde!  I didn't expect to miss it so much.  Who knew that after going so dark color wise, it would be that difficult to go back to my real hair color?

Anyway take a look at my short new hair cut.  I'll get pictures up with my lighter shade sometime this week after my hair appointment.

My husband said I was acting like Vana White (Wheel of Fortune) with my new car! haha
I wasn't trying to showcase it, I'm just still really happy having a new vechicle! 


Here's a close up:

This is the shortest I've ever had my hair before.  My hair had finally grown to be pretty long, and then what do I do?  I chop it!  Well, least I don't have the urge to chop it anymore.  I felt brave actually going through with it.  I can't believe how attached I got to my hair!?!?  Doesn't that seem strange how one's hair kind of becomes their safety net in a way?  I don't know if that makes sense.  Hopefully it does.  Do you girls ever feel like that about your hair??  I feel kind of like a different person these days with my new haircut.  I still haven't gotten used to it.  On most days I like it, but I do miss my long hair too.  The first time I was showering and washing my new hair, I was shocked at how short my hair was, and realized, hey, I need to cut back on my shampoo!  I think I will like it more after I get the light blonde highlights throughout it.  

What do you girls think?  Do you like the new hair cut??  I will have more pictures later this week with it being straight down and not bobby pinned partly back like it is here.  I'm actually really nervous to unveil my haircut to you girls!!  I hope you like it! :)

Also become a friend of mine on IFB Network.  That's my profile page.
I look forward to connecting with all of you through there as well!

VOTE FOR ME HERE, HERE, and HERE  It's this cool www.moderepublic.com website I got an invite too, and I'd love it if you'd vote for me and my outfits!  I have about 3 or 4 pictures submitted!  My user name is Tasha23!  It's the first time I've been a part of something like this and I find it very exciting!

Oh, and sorry for the lack of really new and exciting outfits.  I promise to get better with that!  I guess I've been in a slump, but that's changing!  I do have a new necklace here though!  From Charlotte Russe!  I really like it, it's unique and fun!

black tunic: forever 21
denim leggings: LC Lauren Conrad
black heels: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
necklace: Charlotte Russe

Anyway, have a good day!


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Love it! So chic! How are you feeling about it now that you've had a few weeks to get used to the change? :)

Sherin said...

The new haircut looks so good. Short hair suits you a lot! I'm really attached to my hair as well, but do want to do something drastic to it, but am still a bit scared. I think you've inspired me though!

Can't wait to see you hair down!

Yara Simón said...

The short hair looks great. I actually just got a haircut, and it's the shortest I've ever had it. But I was actually not attached to my longer locks.

Anonymous said...

Finally you showed us your new hair! I've been following your blog for quite some time now. Love it! I'm really curious about highlighted hair!!

Whitters said...

LOVE IT! You look so cute! :)

Jesa said...

SO cute!! you look fantastic!!

Cheers, Jesa

Susi said...

This was your best decision EVER! The shorter hair looks so fresh and stylish and I really want to come back to shorter hair right now!!! :D Lovely, Tasha!!! <333 You don't need your light blonde hair back, because this shade is more than beautiful for your skin tone.

Btw, wow such a huge vehicle!!! :D

beingdena said...

I love the cut and totally agree with susi, it's fresh and stylish.

Dena xoxo

Leia said...

WOW! You are so brave for cutting so much off all at once! But it looks amazing!

Fashion-Vanity said...

That you for following me!
Your new haircut is amazing.
It looks real good on you!

Fashion Thief said...

You look adorable, the length of the hair really makes your eyes pop!
I chopped my hair couple of years ago just like you and I felt so weird, couldn't wait for it to grow back!

fella said...

really nice!

libys11 said...

looking good i see.. your fringe frames your face very well! :D

Animated Confessions

blow8 said...

what a great blog you have babe.

minnja said...

I love you new haircut. Great outfit <3

Phiephie + Minnie said...

Love it! I've been tempted to stop growing mine ever since Sevigny got hers cut!!


Emilie said...

Very cute!

Valerie said...

Your new haircut is so incredibly cute on you! And I love the Vanna White comment about "showcasing" your new car. So funny!


Lucie said...

your hair is absolutely adorable! You have me lusting for a completely new look =] x

Jessie said...

Love your hair short like that! So cute! and what a great new car!!!


Kelly said...

Lovely haircut!! And I love your outfit, very casual chic!

<3 Kelly

Mrs. April said...

You look great! The hair, the outfit... lovely!

Naina said...

Very cute haircut and outfit.


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