Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Some Shopping Results

So I got to go shopping the other day, and I'm wearing some of the things I purchased!  I took your advice girls when it came to basics for any wardrobe.  Thank you, by the way!

Can you believe I didn't already own a white button down shirt?  I know that's kind of sad!  I found this three  quarter length sleeve one from Forever 21.

I already own 2 pencil skirts (one of which needs taken in quite a few inches so I haven't been able to wear it lately) , so I was looking for a skirt that was a solid color and that could work with a lot of different tops.  I found this one from Forever 21 as well.  It came with this red belt.  I can choose to wear the skirt without the belt if red doesn't go with the top I'm wearing.  But gray can go with most colors, can it not?  I was really trying to buy things that can be worn in many different ways, so it helps with having more options with what to wear!  

I like how this skirt has pockets!!  I noticed myself throughout the day putting my hands in my pockets!  Not too many skirts have that, but I like the fact that this one does!

I also purchased a comfy striped t-shirt from Charlotte Russe and two lacy long sleeve sheer tops, one cream colored and one black.  I bought both a black and white tank to go underneath each.  I've seen girls were these lace tops with just a bra underneath and showing the rest of the skin where the lace doesn't cover, but that's just not for me!  I would not feel comfortable showing that much skin.....

Here's a black and white picture, though I'd give that a try:

What do you think, more black and white?

I also got a few other things that weren't mentioned above, I will be sure to show you girls soon!  I was very pleased with my findings!

Shirt, skirt, and earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Apt 9

Bag of the Moment: Payless 


style'n said...

adorable outfit and staples pieces are key right? I love black/white/red combination too. Perfect outfit for work and then a nice dinner out :)

Rachel said...

Great outfit! I love the pop of color the red belt adds!

Valerie said...

This outfit is so cute on you! I actually tried that skirt on just a few weeks ago and almost bought it! It looks adorable on you. Hope you're having a great week.


Couture said...

I love your outfit! So chic!

Leia said...

Ooh, I love this outfit Tasha! I really like the pop of red in this outfit, too. You look lovely!


Charlie said...

this is probably the best outfit you've worn here yet! love the red belt with the outfit for a bit of colour. you look very stylish!

Jen said...

I love your outfit! It's perfect! The red belt gives it a lovely pop!


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Perfect button down! I got one on sale at JCrew a few weeks ago.

Elaine said...

You look so cute!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Nadine2point0 said...

What a great look! and the red belt...beautiful!

projectvee said...

i like i like!
these items are definitely very versatile!
pockets are my fave feature on skirts and dresses, hehe :)

Mimi said...

you look great! i love how the red belt adds some spunk to the outfit! :D

<3, Mimi

Sherin said...

Ooo, I really love the outfit. The skirt seems prettty perfect. I'm on the look out for a similar kind of skirt.
And the effect of the black and white picture is very cool.

Chene W. said...

love the outfit!--- you can still wear this in the fall with a great denim jacket and boots :)

Susi said...

Tasha, lovely, I hope everything is going well for you!

I agree, a withe blouse is such a basic and goes with ... huh ... EVERYTHING! :D But I must admit, that I don't have such a nice item in my whole entire closet! o_O

You look absolutely dressy and sophisticated. The pop of red gives the certain something to this look :)

Stay pretty <3

Anonymous said...

Tasha. This is beautiful. I LOVE the black and white one. This is my favorite outfit yet!!!! The shirt is a great choice.

un petit lapin said...

Ah, you look absolutely gorgeous! Loving the hair :)

The skirt with the red belt is super cute. I'm sure you can match it with lots of tops. Skirts with pockets are awesome.

Anonymous said...

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