Monday, September 13, 2010

Hot Topic: Lea Michele

I don't know about you but it seems like every where I look, there is Lea Michele hitting some red carpet or premiere.  She's one of the celebs here lately who has been catching everyone's eyes when it comes to her evolved fashion sense.  She always seems to wear just the right dress, and always looks gorgeous!  

Along with noticing how beautiful her outfits are, you can't help but notice the weight loss. 

Lea has mentioned her Vegan diet is responsible for her weight loss.  I didn't find anywhere how long she has been vegan.  So it made me wonder since she said the vegan diet is responsible for the weight loss, that she must have just recently become vegan?  Do any of you know?

What do you girls think about her weight change?  Is it too much like some people have been saying?  Or do you think it's an improvement?  Hopefully she didn't feel any pressure to lose weight! 

I think she looks really pretty in all the photos here.  I really love her sense of style and the gorgeous outfits she wears to events.  I look forward to seeing more of her on the red carpets and such.  At the blackberry event and the Teen Choice Awards she may have looked semi too thin, but hopefully she is healthy and feeling good.  

Another thing I love:
She's only 5'2!!!  
I would have never guessed her height by seeing her in these photos!  She looks so much taller than 5'2.  I myself am 5'3 so it's nice to see someone slightly shorter than me becoming such a fashion icon! 

What do you girls think about Lea Michele? Her weight?  Her style?

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Mimi said...

she's definitely had a lot of hits in the red carpet. i did notice the weight loss too. personally i liked her better before the weight loss. she looked healthy and was just the right weight. hopefully she wasn't told that she needed to lose some pounds. i am super excited for glee! :D

<3, Mimi

Valerie said...

I think she's gorgeous and has amazing style! That navy dress is breathtaking.


the chirpy bird said...

I just adore Lea Michelle and I hear you about the weight thing... the only thing that I don't like about it is that it makes me nervous when I see someone change themselves once they've been in the spotlight for a little while... If they got the job looking a certain way then why the need to change and keep up with hollywood's shrinking waistline?

But as far as her style goes, she can do no wrong!
xo tash

Jen said...

She looks fantastic in the dress! It's gorgeous!

thelayeredpancake said...

i am so proud of her height. and i think she looks good with the weight loss, but any more and its gonna look bad. i dont know what that'd mean for the show though, she looked nerdy in part because she wasnt as skinny as the other girls. i do think us short girls look better after losing tad amounts of weight.
i think she really wants to look the part of a star. i love everything, apart from that shade of red lipstick she's sporting...its not her color me thinks.
love the yellow dress.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable. I love her style.

Anonymous said...

She only hits the red carpet for events she has to go too She isn't much of the party type actually.
As far as weight lost she is more to the weight she was while she was on Broadway. The important thing is that she is healthy and to speculate differently is wrong.

Recent candids on set and out to dinner shows a healthy person.

The Owl's Closet said...

I think Lea looks great either way! I love her new bangs, too. She looked stunning at the Emmys:)

Sherin said...

Lea is one of those celebrities that always looks good. She does red-carpet style so well.

It does seem that she lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time - I hope it wasn't pressure either. She still looks great though.

gleenn said...

I've not heard much about her so thanks for bringing her to my attention. I definitely love her style and especially that yellow tube dress. :)

Leia said...

I love Lea Michele. She has such an amazing voice and she always looks beautiful! I also have noticed the dramatic weight loss. To be honest I think she looks amazing no matter what her weight is. I also don't know how long she's been vegan, I always assumed she had done it since she was very young!


CoffeeBlooms said...

she is indeed very nice!! love all her looks..the first dress is amazing :)

C.W. said...

I think she looks better with a little meat on her bones-- she's still beautiful but I don't think she needs to go any further

rebecca said...

as long as she's healthy, i don't think it really matters how much she weighs.

wuguimei said...

It's hard taking on a vegan diet. Trust me, I've actually tried it my first year in college. But as always, Lea Michelle looks great! And like others have mentioned, as long as she's healthy! :)

Nelah said...

Wow, I couldn't tell she is 5'2" from these pics. She looks stunning and lovely before and after weight loss. I don't think women have to be skinny to be beautiful as long as she is healthy and happy in her own skin.


great singer too! i think she's interesting..


Missy Elz said...

Thank you for the follow!

I find this girl really intriguing, I always like to see what she's been wearing, and find her very aethetically interesting.
I also very much enjoy glee, so love the post!


Jeniffer said...

she looks nice in those dresses...

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Jaymie said...

I love glee, we have to wait til january here in the uk for season 2I want it now haha.
her smile is amazing,I don't think she looks unhealthly slim but she was pretty slim before losing some weight aswell and considering shes only 5ft 2 shes just looks very petite now.
her legs are lovely though i want them haha.

Rachel said...

I absolutely adore Lea Michele. I love her on Glee. She's so talented! And she has definitely become quite the fashionista!

The weight loss is really noticeable in the photo where she she's wearing the strapless black minidress and the one of her at the BlackBerry party. I don't know anything about her vegan diet, but I hear the Glee stars are constantly working so I'm sure being insanely busy has also made her lose some weight. Idk. I think she looks good. I'm sure some people think she's too thin, but I don't think she is.

I recently read she's only 5'2 as well. I couldn't believe it! She looks so much taller, doesn't she? I love that she's petite because I'm only 5'2 as well. I love seeing more petite and fashionable celebs! :)

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Lea Michele said...

Lea looked so much better before all of the weight loss, not that she looks bad just looked a little healthier before.

Kathy said...

She did a great job losing weight the 'healthy' way instead of going on crazy weird diets like 'the baby food diet' lolz, I reckon she looks so much better from after her weight loss I think I'm gonna become a vegan from now on :)

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