Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio: Holiday Glam

Isn't this look just perfect for the holidays?? 

What girl doesn't like a little sparkle here and there?  Or gold and silver hues??  I love the combination of both!  I would never have thought to pair both silver and gold together in an outfit but this picture completely changes my mind!  Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio was photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Anna Dello Russo for the December issue of Vogue Nippon.

Would you ever wear gold and silver together?  Or this much sparkle?
Do you think it's as perfect for the holidays as much as I do??

    I love the blue and the gold glam look as well, although I would never wear blue lipstick!  Would you?

                               Stunning eye makeup throughout!  And her hair has amazing volume! 

What will you girls be rocking this holiday season??


Ana said...

She looks amazing in the first picture! I quite like the silver and gold together, but I would probably be a little intimidated to wear them in the same outfit myself.
I agree with you, her eye makeup is stunning throughout these pictures!

Marie said...

Oh my, I love her first outfit! It's so holiday glam!:D

I'm thinking of wearing deep blues or deep greens, we'll see.:D

***** Marie *****

Charlie said...

amazing photos! absolutely love what she's wearing, and the blue lipstick looks so cool, like that. :)

xxx Charlie

Whitters said...

oooh i need some good ideas for the holidays! i'm going to vegas! :) not sure i'm quite daring enough for the blue lips...i get those on my own when i get cold lol

Sunaina said...

too much sparkle for me! maybe for a party. love the blue lipstick!

Anonymous said...

Love the look for an editorial!

Susi said...

So glamorous!!! I love her hairdo. I wish I could have this look for myself - just daydreaming ... ;D

Sherin said...

I will definitely be rocking gold and silver together this holiday season. I think the 2 can look really well together.

The model loooks fabulous. It's fun to be sparkly sometimes.

hiven said...

x enter my giveaway?

Rachel said...

She looks gorgeous! I know I couldn't pull off the dramatic eye makeup or the blue lips, but it looks fabulous on her!

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Love the first look and the blue/gold dress is stunning! But you are right, no thank you to blue lips!


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