Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AMA's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Ok, so I won't actually call anybody ugly on here.  That isn't very nice!  But I will put the looks into either The Good or The Bad category.  And being in the Bad category doesn't mean I don't like that person, it just means I think it was a "miss" this time around.  


Oh I love Taylor Swift's Straight hair!!  Every now and then she does this, and I think it looks so sleek!  I love the bangs too!  The dress is pretty! I'm not sure if I've ever seen her in a dress I haven't liked.  Have you?  Gorgeous!

I also love Rihanna's red curly hair!  The ringlets just look great! I like the delicateness of the dress, and the color as well.  Thankfully she's got all the right spots covered!

 I actually really love Miley's dress!  It's fun and very pretty.  And although, it is short, it's not revealing!  Yeah! I think she looks so much better when she goes for a classier look!!  More age approiate!  What do you think?  Do you like when Miley goes for the more bearing looks?  Or more something like this?

 I also like when Katy Perry goes for the prettier, more feminine look as well.  
This dress is gorgeous!  And those shoes look amazing!  

Pink looks lovely in this black gown!  With her cute little baby bump!  Don't they look so polished!?

Keri Hilson looks amazing in this little black dress!  Love those heels too!

I like British DJ Darren Tate's look as well!  
Christine Teigen looks stunning in this pink gown!!  Also pictured John Legend.


Oh dear, Ke$ha!  This is probably my least favorite look!  I guess her dress was made out of VHS tape material.  It's more her makeup and hair that I really don't like!

I'm not sure what Phoebe Price was thinking!  It's all a bit too much and looks like it clashes to me!

I don't mind Nicki Minja's hair, and I think she's really pretty, but I just do not like that dress!  Too much going on!  I know she likes to make a statement with her clothes though.

US figure skater Johnny Weir, it's just a total miss for me

I didn't really like either of Fergie's looks.  This one at least is a little better than the 2nd one.  I think her hair and makeup looks gorgeous though!

A miss for Christina Milian, that's all I have to say. :)
 What do you girl's think??  What are your favorite looks from The American Music Awards?  What were your least favorite??
By the way, I had a lovely time at the holiday tea!  I will post pictures of it very soon!  Thanks so much for all your encouraging words!  It really meant a lot! I hope you have a wonderful day girls!



Mimi said...

I think Taylor Swift looks great with sleek hair..she looks more grown up and sophisticated. AIso, I think most of the "bad looks" you displayed were bc the celebs were trying too hard to have a certain image, and it just went all wrong! Fun post!


Jen said...

Taylor's hair is gorgeous and I really like Katy's outfit.

Oh dear...the bad is just really bad! I don't understand, haha.

LahTeaDah said...

You nailed it... I agree with all you have posted above - my favorite would have to be Katy Perry's Dress... just stunning!

I hate to "hate-on" Nicki but she really did miss the mark on that one :(

Holiday Tea?!?!
Can't wait to see...

Yours Truly

read me: www.lahteadah.blogspot.com
where tea is always served with a side of style

Aleks said...

I loved this :) Awesome as always & I totally agree with you on those looks. Lots of people don't like Rihanna's red hair but I love it <3 good to see there's someone else that does :)

K & J said...

Have to agree with almost everything you said. Though I wasn't feeling that dress on Pink. Seemed like to many layers.
Now Ke$ha just looks horrible. She really needs to find someone who can help her get dressed because this isn't the first time she wore a horrible outfit.
Anyway, love the post and your comments (especially the negative ones) were great.

gangsterpixiestyle said...

Taylor looks SOOO stunning! I love her new hairstyle!
Poor kesha looks a little like a troll. I feel bad saying that... lol

Mrs. April said...

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous. I really do not like Kesha at all. I think she's awful. I don't like her music or the way she looks. Anyways, that was a rant. haha. & Rihanna looks adorable :)

Sherin said...

Taylor Swift does look so fantastic!! I love how her hair looks when straight. It's such a great look on her...and her dress is so pretty as well.
And Katy Perry looks great as well. Her dress is gorgeous.

I agree with you about Ke$ha. I don't like what she did with her hair and I'm not a fan of the black lipstick.

Leia said...

I love Katy Perry's look! And can't wait to hear all about the tea :)


Sher said...

I think taylor swift looks so much better with straight hair too! I hope she keep it that way for a little longer:)


Rachel said...

I think Taylor Swift is my favorite by far. I loved the dress she wore and I do really like her hair when it's straight. I love her curly hair too, but when she straightens it, she looks so much more grown up and sophisticated!

Loving the curls on Rihanna and her dress. So gorgeous! I think Miley looked amazing as well. I'm not too sure I like the train on the back though... But either way, she wears it well! Katy Perry look great too! :)

Ke$ha... Omg. I just don't understand her. I'm not a fan of her music or her weird fashion choices. It's just strange and it seems like she's trying too hard in my opinion...

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Tasha!


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