Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guest Post from ANNIE!

Hello girls!  This will be the first of the guest posts done this next week as I am on vacation!  A holiday cruise to Mexico!   I'd love to share with you, a lovely blogger, named Annie from Makeup and Jeans Girl.  I know you will enjoy her guest post, as I always enjoy reading the posts she does!  Thank you Annie for being willing to help out while I'm on vacation!

Now onto the guest post!

Thank you Tasha for letting me do a guest post on The Hot Spot. I feel very honored and greatly appreciate that you are willing to share my ideas to your lovely readers whom I am eager to meet!

Hey Ladies!

I am Annie from Makeup and Jeans Girl, my fashion blog. I wanted to do a quick introduction, so we can feel a little more connected. So here are a few random facts, I love eye makeup the best, and wear minimal jewelry. I am a mother to a very busy toddler. I am married to an amazing man I love. Hobbies: Exercise, sewing, writing and cooking. Personality: I am very honest with how I feel.

So I had a very hard time deciding what I wanted to share with you that I felt would be worthy of being posted on THE HOT SPOT. I decided to just give you a piece of my heart. I love poetry, and I love the winter, and this is for you.

Winter Snow

Snow flakes soft dropping in clusters,

Bitter morning air, moody skies.

Sugar overkill in hot drinks held by mittens, steaming...

The refining process of presents

cherished time choosing perfection,

wrapping delicately, sprinkling with ribbon,

passing to eager hands.

Love and all it's body framework,

family and strangers.

Creations, both sewn and baked, both by man and God.

A tree disproportionately decorated

candy, glitter, glass.


Condensed heat touching my lips.

Celebrating Christ, not religion.

Hearing "Merry Christmas" after someone was courteous.

New hairstyles on layered enriched Fasionistas.

Books and quivering candles.

Lotion on goosebumps

curled in a heavy downy comforter seeking peace.

So ladies, do you love the winter? What does Christmas mean to you? Do  you celebrate Christmas? What are the little things in life you  appreciate?


A La Mode et Plus! said...

What beautiful words Annie! Thank you for sharing.

I LOVE this time of year! Everyone is so happy and thankful and families are usually together.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas Annie (and Tasha!) and I am going to go check out your blog now!

Sherin said...

Annie, this is such a beautiful poem. It's a perfect representation of Winter.

NANCYXO said...

aww very cute picture =]
i wish it snowed where i live

Leia said...

What a lovely poem :)


cherie said...

Lovely! ♥ Merry Christmas Tasha and Annie! Who's that in the pic? I am from Philippines and I still wonder how it feels like celebrating White Christmas coz it doesn't snow here. Have a merry christmas and a happy new year, dear!

Sunaina said...

huh don't know how I missed this guest post! Very beautiful Annie!
I love this time of the year, the snow, the decorations, the food, the atmosphere and so on! Hope you both had a great Christmas!

Tasha said...

Thanks Annie for guest posting! I thought this was a lovely poem and I'm so happy I got to feature it on my blog!

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