Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do You Have SWAGG?

 Hi girls!  I was recently contacted by the lovely Laura of Everywhere, a social media marketing firm.  She informed me of this fabulous contest that Wet Seal and SWAGG have partnered up for.  If you've not heard about SWAGG before, it's this new mobile app that allows you to carry and organize all your plastic gift and rewards cards in your mobile phone (iPhone/iTouch/Android).  SWAGG also lets you send and receive virtual gift cards directly from your mobile phone.  SWAGG gift cards are redeemable at a growing network of retail partners, including Wet Seal.  How cool is that??

Wet Seal and SWAGG have partnered up to give away $100,000 in gift cards. 

 Entering is easy.  Just download AND register the FREE SWAGG app onto your iPhone or Android device, register and create a SWAGG account, launch the SWAGG app on your phone, navigate to the MORE tab and enter promo code WSXOXO.  Click here to enter.  Hurry this promotion ends on Friday 2/25!

A picture of the app
What's even more awesome is that when you enter this giveaway you're also entering a giveaway on The Hot Spot!  Just by posting the email address you used to download the app in a comment below you're entered to win a $50 Wet Seal gift card!  That's it, no other requirements.  How easy is that?!

Be sure to sign up for the app by Friday, but you can enter my contest up until Wednesday March 2nd at 11:59pm.  You just can't enter The Hot Spot's giveaway without entering Wet Seal and SWAGG's, so please don't miss out! :)

Enter here.

(This is a sponsored post)


Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!


Sherin said...

Very cool. It sounds like a great app. Sadly, I don't think my Nokia would be able to download it.

Mary said...

It's very cool!!;)
Great post

Becca. said...

sounds like a great app!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Marie said...

This is cool, I'll download the app and go back here.:D

Have a wonderful weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

:( If only I had an Iphone or Android...

Kaul said...

I work with SWAGG team.
You do not necessarily need an iPhone/Android. Go to and hit SignUp from your PC :)


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