Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Three Books, A Kind Diet, and an Outfit

My cat has an interesting expression on her face doesn't she? hehe

The other day I actually went to our public library!  I haven't been there in forever, not that I have a problem with the library or don't enjoy reading.  On the contrary, reading is one of my biggest passions!  Why I don't go to the library much is because I'd rather own a book then have to return it.  My husband and I both love adding new books to our shelves and read as much as we can.  Thankfully we both share that passion.  The reason I decided to go to the library was mainly because there are a few books out there I wanted read, but actually wasn't quite sure if I should fully commit and buy them.  I figured the best solution would be to just borrow them from the library.
I walked away with three books during this trip.  The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, and two semi-silly reads, which aren't normally my forte so that's why I decided to get them from the library, both of which are written by Tori Spelling, one titled sTORI TELLING and another UNCHARTED TERRITORI.

I started with The Kind Diet first, because I've heard so many good things about it, from interviews by Alicia herself, other reviewers/celebs and blogger friend Leia! :)  It's also a New York Time's Bestseller!  

Blue 3/4 sleeve cardigan: Merona (Target), Black Tank: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Bongo
Flower Necklace: F21, Headband:  Claires : P,
Booties:  Colin Stuart (courtesy Designer Apparel)
I couldn't put the book down!  I finished reading the entire book (part of it is an actual book and then part cookbook)  the very next day!  I've already ordered it to buy!

It's definitely worth owning, with so many useful bits of information and great recipes, you really can't go wrong!  I'm not a vegan, but even if you aren't it helps you see things from a different perspective and learn how your body reacts to certain things you eat, and what are considered "kind foods" and "nasty foods".  

Alicia offers three different categories for people wanting to try out new eating styles:  Flirting, Vegan, and Superhero.  Flirting is kind of where I am.  Flirting with the idea of subbing out better alternatives for meat and other artificial foods.  I'm not a huge meat eater anyway.  I eat a burger/steak maybe once/twice a month, and the last couple times I've had read meat it's actually made me really sick, so that's way I find flirting more and more appealing.  More often then not the meat I do eat is grilled chicken, or grilled fish.  Even that's only, maybe, twice a week.  So I'm not a huge meat eater.  My primary goal is to go 4 weeks without any type of meat.  And then see what happens from there.

Right now, I'm 2 days into week 2.  I made it all the way through my fist week! 

I generally eat healthy, or at least try to. : )  But this is a bit different for me, and I'm excited to start focusing more on what types of food I'm eating, grains, beans, and veggies, etc. vs. counting my calories.  Sometimes counting calories can be taxing on me emotionally and I get discouraged.  Hopefully this turns out to be better for me in the long run!  

And although I haven't given up dairy, I have been really trying to swap out dairy free products for my usual dairy filled ones.  I've switched to Whole Soy yogurt (the brand Alicia suggested).  Which, is actually very good!  I was kind of scared to try soy yogurt, but was quite impressed.  My favorite flavor is raspberry so far. 

I've also bought Tofutti dairy-free mint chocolate chip "ice cream" sandwiches, which you guessed it, aren't really made out of ice cream! :)  Yet, they are still yummy.  I've dappled in soy "ice cream" products before, but this kind was new to me.  My freezer is usually stocked with vegan/veggie Morning Star/and or Bocca burgers anyway.  They are lower in calories, so they've already been helpful, since last year, when I started watching my calories, and trying to lose weight.  Another thing is, I've been eating brown rice daily, with usually 2 of my meals.  So, yeah that's basically where I stand.......

Have any of you read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone?  I highly suggest it if you haven't!  Have you recently tried something new with your eating habits?  Are you a big meat eater? Or maybe a vegetarian/and or vegan? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you do to eat right, or if you try to eat right?  What works best for you?


Lucie said...

Tasha, as always - you look adorable (and I love your jeans!).

Ive recently had an obsession with cookbooks. Ive been raw vegan since I was 15, mostly because i love the diversity of fresh, healthy foods that are available with this diet, but also because of the ways in which my eyes were opened up to the ways that healthy food could be prepared in so many different ways (i learned through cookbooks, online communities, and youtube videos). Now, I cant imagine eating any other way, and in alot of ways I can honestly say its saved my life.

Much love sweetpea x

Louisa said...

I really loooove this post Tasha! It is a little bit of everything!! Your cat, your clothes, your books :-) Your cat is SO cute and must be really happy to live with you :-)
Xoxo Louisa

Mary Lee said...

really nice pictures! :)

Sherin said...

I'm a huge book fan too and definitely prefer buying a book, then borrowing it.

I've heard great things about The Kind Diet as well. I think, even if you're not vegan, it's good to at least eat vegetables, so I think that book probably has some great recipes. (I'm still a big meat eater, but love having one purly veg dish at least every few days.)

You look great as well. Your hair is looking beautiful and your figure looks perfect.

Blicious said...

Omg I havent been to a library in years! Fun


Leia said...

I'm so glad you read and enjoyed TKD! I hope that you enjoy incorporating 'kind' foods into your diet and eliminating 'nasty' ones!


Reg Rodriguez said...

wow, congrats on day 2 week 2! i'm a big meat lover and i doubt i'll be able to stick with this. but good for you!!! :)


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

thanks for the review! i love Tori Spelling's show but haven't gotten any of her books.

Estée said...

Oh my, I love Tori Spelling & I don't care who knows!



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