Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valetine's Day Wardrobe

Hello girls!  Can you believe Valentine's Day is Monday??  It kind of came out of now where right??  Well, that's at least how I feel.....even though it's the same day every  Well, anyway, are you still stuck on what to wear?  Not quite sure what color hue is right for you??  You're in luck!  I've got three lovely shade options with dresses in each category for you to choose from!  Let's take a look, shall we?


The most associated color with Valentine's Day deserves a category, doesn't it? 

1920s Asymmetric Silk Dress, 580 GBP
Poppy Drape Dress, $78
Heart Embroidered Cute Dress., $56
Pleat front dress, 885 GBP
Mesh Top Dress, $25
Giambattista Valli Pencil dress with ruched bodice, 1,665 GBP
Bottega Veneta's Strapless Red Dress
Wedding Guest Dresses | InStyle UK
Heart Doodles Too -
Black Patent Mac Strip

Aren't there some stunning options in this group???  I love the 1920's Asymmetric Silk Dress!  Isn't the detailing gorgeous?? That's my favorite from the bunch!  What's yours? 

Nicole Richie and Taylor Swift have donned this shade a time or two!  

 photo credit

photo credit

Category #2

Since pink is my favorite color, of course I'm loving these options!  Some of my favorites are the following:  coral feather shoulder dress, don't you just love the shoulder detailing?  Adds a special touch to the simple dress doesn't it?  I also love the pink and white floral printed one, which happens to be the Balenciage dress, which is $1,035 US, so way out of my price range! The top right one, which is the dress with the side band is quite lovely too, looks like a very flattering shape!  Which ones catch your attention?
Kate Middleton, Rachel Bilson, and Lily Collins 
all look beautiful in pink!
 photo credit 

photo credit

photo credit

category #3

Aren't coral shades lovely?  I really love when my husband gets me flowers that are more of coral hues then red, or even pink (my fav color).......just something about flowers in this type of color, are just gorgeous!!  That being said, can you guess which one of these dresses is my favorite??!  You would be right, if you guessed the Flower Petal Dress!  Now it's only $995 US so that's not bad, right?!  I mean, yeah, right!  I would never spend that much money on a dress, but it is stunning isn't it?!  I also love the top left one, which is actually a tangerine shade, the Tangerine Gathered Kaftan, a little less expensive, priced at $805.  Which one is calling your name??

Freida Pinto and Emmanuelle Chriqui look lo
vely in coral shades!

So what will you girls be wearing this Valentine's Day?  Any of the three colors I have shown here?  Another option, of course, is to wear a show stopping LBD!  That's always a safe bet!  Are you girls doing anything special Monday with your special someone?  Or just spending a fun night out with the girls?  My husband and I are having a romantic meal for two at home!  I'd rather do that then face the crowds at all the restaurants.  We're going to make a tasty home cooked meal, dessert, and maybe have some wine.  It should be wonderful and I hope the same goes for all of you! 

*And I'm sorry if the text on this post looks strange!  When I preview it it's showing excessive lines in between but it doesn't show that in my draft........I can't seem to change whatever is wrong! So I hope you can bare with it!  Sorry :(


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Well since I'm single, I'll be wearing my pjs lol...

But if I had a dude I'd go with red. It's bold and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the corals

Joanne Faith said...

I like the corals, very nice! I'm wearing a lot more coraly colours lately & love it!

Sherin said...

The coral dresses look so gorgeous! If I was spending the day with a special someone though, I would definitely opt for red!!

Jenmarie said...

Wow! I really love some of the dresses you chose! So pretty!

Rachel said...

Although I have no Valentine's plans, you picked out some absolutely gorgeous dresses, Tasha!!

Sunaina said...

I love little red dresses!

Tasha said...

Just realized I spelled Valentine's Day wrong in the title! Least I didn't do it throughout the whole post! hehehe : )

Ana said...

These are all such pretty dresses, but I have to say, for some reason I like the pink ones the most...they all look so unique and I think that any one of them would make for a perfect Valentine's Day choice!

sarah said...

I love the second red dress!!
I would buy it too.



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