Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outfit Post: Recent Purchases

The weather is starting to warm up!  It's so exciting!  Spring is here!  How are you enjoying the warmer weather?  I can comfortably take outfit pictures outside now, although this scenery isn't the best, at least the lighting is improved.  

I'm wearing a new top from Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's!  It was on sale rack, and I also received an additional 30% off, so I only paid $8 something for it!  That's a pretty good deal, right?

I love when my tops are loose fitting and roomy.  I would wear loose tops all the time if I could. How about you?  Do you like your tops to be loose or form fitting?  Or do you like to mix it up?  I wear both, but I prefer the ones that are meant to be a bit baggy.  If I'm wearing a loose fitted top though I like to pair it with skinny jeans or leggings, something a bit more fitting on the bottom. 

 I also was able to finally buy that trench I've had my eyes on!  You won't believe how good of a deal I got on it!!  Normally this trench coat is priced at $84.99, Kohl's had it on sale for around $49, and then I got to use my extra 30% off coupon, and also had a kohl's gift card for $20, as well as some leftover kohl's cash, so I only paid about $4 for this trench coat!!!  Can you believe it!  It was definitely worth the wait! 

After taking these photos, I ended up folding down the collar, and preferred that look better.  Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase!  Can't wait to wear it more and more! 

Have you had any recent purchases you are thrilled about? 

wearing: top & trench: LC Lauren Conrad Collection from Kohl's
Skinny Jeans: F21
Ankle Booties: Colin Stuart courtesy of Designer Apparel


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit and coat!You look pretty lady!:)


Come my blog too:DA small whisper in the wind:

Sherin said...

I love that Spring is here well. I love the sun.

Your top looks so lovely. I really like roomy tops as well. They look so flattering. You got a great deal on it.

The trench looks gorgeous on you! It's so pretty.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i want that trench! i saw it online and was contemplating i really need it. looks so cute on you! :)

Romance In A Glance said...

Love that color! That is my favorite color!

You should come enter my Get Sexy Challenge! So much fun!

Jenmarie said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you finally got the coat you've been wanting! It's so perfect!!

Laura said...

Yaaaay! So glad you got the trench because it is GORGEOUS! Perfect for early spring weather. I like that top, too and you got a great deal. Look at you ms. bargain finder!!

Leia said...

Yay, you finally bought the trench! It looks fabulous on you. I'm so glad it's warm enough for it, too! :)


Lumpexoholiczka said...

Dear!!!!Perfect outfit...
amaizing trench:) I love this sweet color!!


Ana said...

Oh wow, that is impressive! I need to learn some patience as well, I tend to buy things whenever I see them for fear they will sell out of my size before a sale. I still can't believe you paid just $4! And it's such a lovely piece that fits so well on you...

annie said...

HOLY CRAP! I am so impressed!

I am happy for you!

I LOVE that trench as well! BUT things at my Kohls from her line NEVER go on the sales rack. It is really stupid.

I just got a shirt from LC but it cost me $17.

Not nearly as good as $4 for a trench coat. ;)

And you could sninch up the waist of that shirt with a rope/type belt?

Sunaina said...

love your trench!!

I just bought the perfect wedges <3

Fashion Meets Food said...

loving your top and your jacket is GORGEOUS!!!


Rachel said...

I wish the weather would warm up here! It was almost 80° last Friday but this week it's been rather chilly. And it's going to snow a little tonight! :( Glad you're enjoying some nice weather though!!

I love this look on you. The LC top and trench look perfect!! You got such a great deal on that trench too!

Agathe said...

OMFG your are so beautful *_*
I love your blog too
kisses ♥
follow me


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