Sunday, March 27, 2011

Would You or Would You Not?

I thought we'd try a different take on street style.  I'm going to throw in a mix of outfits I really like and ones I don't necessarily care for.  I'll have them numbered and ask you, would you or won't you (wear something like this).  For your comments leave the number and your answer:
For Example:
1. would
2. would not
and so fourth.... 
Let's see if we can have some fun with this!












Here are my answers:
1. Not, 2. Would (great pop of red) 3. Would (tough and chic), 
4. NOT, 5. WOULD (one of my favs!) 6. Not
7. Would, 8. Not, 9. Would (probably)
10. Not ( a like parts of the outfit, but not all of it together)
11. WOULD (another fav!)



Rachel said...

What a fun idea!
1) Would not. I cannot stand wearing loose jeans!
2) Maybe. I'd definitely give it a shot, but the hat would probably look silly on me!
3) Would!
4) Would not. I definitely couldn't pull that off!
5) Would. Love the skirt!
6) Would not. I think there's a bit too much going on here.
7) Would not. Not really feeling the hat or the skirt. Love the blazer though.
8) Would not
9) Would!
10) Would not. It's not really for me.
11) Would! Love the jacket!

Harriet said...

What a fun idea!
1. not
2. definitely would (adore!!)
3. would
4. not
5. yes, but I'd probably feel silly in it!
6. love it on her, but probably not on me
7. yes
8. no, not a fan
9. this is basically my dream outfit!
10. She looks great, but my figure is too curvy to pull off the androgenous look!
11. love this, definitely yes!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

I would do numbers 2,3,5,6,7,9,10 and 11 :)

annie said...

1. would not. (but maybe...with some alterations)
2.would not. (too matchy and kinda oldish-to me... :P)
3. Would defiantly! (I love this one.)
4. would never.
5. would.
6. Would wear that in a heartbeat, In fact I want everything she is wearing.
7. might try, without the beanie.
8. Would, wear that jacket with jeans...
9. would not.
10. would not, I like her jeans though.

Leia said...

#5 is my favorite!!

Sunaina said...

Great idea!

1. would, except for the coat
2. would, except for the hat
3. would!
4. would not
5. would
6. would not
7. would not
8. would maybe
9. would
10. would!
11. would!

Sherin said...

Ooo, this looks fun!
1) Would...without the jacket
2) Would
3) Would: and probably will soon
4) not
5) Hmmm, not sure
6) Would (my favourite)
7) not
8) Would, but again, without the jacket
9_ Would
10) not
11) Would


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