Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outfit Post: Easter Attire

The other day for Easter, I got to wear a complete new outfit from head to toe!  That's always fun, right?  I had bought this dress and sweater on my birthday.  I knew the dress was short, but I didn't remember it being that short when I tried it on in the dressing room.....

I was very cautious getting in and out of the car throughout the day!  I am a lady though, and don't try to expose any certain body parts!  lol  Thankfully nothing traumatizing happened!  Have you ever had a outfit malfunction?  Any unwanted exposure?  I hope not! Sometimes the wind is cruel though!

I also got to wear my new nude peep toe heels!!  Can you believe I almost didn't buy them? 

I'm so glad I did, because they make me appear way taller then I really am!  Although, the first two days I walked in them were pretty exhausting!  Walking in gravel, and grass and such is a little challenging!  I felt like my legs and feet got a workout though!  Oh, the price we pay for beautiful shoes!  : P

Thankfully it didn't rain at all on Easter, and it did get a bit warmer then they had predicted, but I still needed my sweater for most of the day.  

After church we went out to lunch with my mom, and later on went and saw a movie with my mom and one of my brothers.  We saw Arthur, which my husband and I thought was hilarious!  It definitely made me laugh! 

All in all, it was a lovely day, celebrating what Easter is all about, and getting to spend time with loved ones!  As well as, stuffing my face with yummy, bad for you food! :)

dress: wet seal (courtesy EveryWhere)
cardigan: F21
Nude Heels: Candies


Rachella said...

First pic is great!

K & J said...

I LOVE your outfit. It looks so gorgeous on you! LOVE the heels to. It's a very good thing you bought them :) They go so well with the dress. I personally love peep toes in the spring & fall myself. Just bought two pairs of Jessica Simpson peep toes which I love.

"Have you ever had a outfit malfunction? Any unwanted exposure?"

Sadly Yes. I closed my skirt in the door of a friends car and when I started walking it ripped off me. *blushes* I have bad luck like that LOL. Thankfully only my friends saw me.

Glad to hear you had a Happy Easter. Kara XOXO

KIPITOK said...

Nude pumps are amazing and so hot right now!

Check us out!


Jenmarie said...

New outfits are always fun! I love yours, especially the nude heels! I bought a pair recently but had to return them because they killed my feet!

Ana said...

I love the dress, I'm all about floral print now, and those shoes make your legs look miles long! I should try this trick as well soon :)
Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter. I had a good, quiet one at home with my family too, taking a little break from studying for the day.

Casee Marie said...

You look precious! I completely understand about a dress's length suddenly shifting between the store and home - it's a fashion mystery! I almost always wear stockings or tights to make me feel more comfortable. Which is why I don't wear dresses all that often, stockings/tights are a trial!

It sounds like you had a lovely Easter. My mom keeps talking about the original Arthur, she can't believe it's been remade, but I kind of want to see it!

Sherin said...

This is such a gorgeous and perfect Easter outfit. THe white dress looks gorgeous on you and the nude pumps are stunning!

I had a slight wardrobe malfunction the other day. My dress kept flying off whire I was on a ride!

annie said...

That is just like my last dress I posted! The one I made longer. In the dressing room I remember thinking it was longer...I already knew I was going to take out the hem, which I did...but then it was still shorter than I wanted. :/

I love that you paired the dress with that cardi. It is perfect.

Miss Katatny said...

awsome blog :) you've done really well!
would love your support for mine xo

Dora said...

I love the idea of pairing the blazer with the floral dress and nude shoes ( which are lovely by the way :D ). You have such a nice blog and I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know:)

Sunaina said...

You look amazing! Gorgeous dress and heels!

Louisa said...

Oh my gosh Tasha! You look like a model!! Those shoes also look amazing on you and so stylish!

I also sometimes find out that a skirt/ dress is shorter than I thought when I bought it. But I think we are still young enough to wear such skirts :-)

Xoxo Louisa

Marie said...

Lovely outfit and those pumps are the perfect nude for your skin tone!:D

***** Marie *****

Neekoh said...

Nude heels are a definite must! Glad you decided to get them :)


Laura said...

I LOVE the nude heels!! They are great for your legs :)

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