Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Could You?

What makes me bummed.............

Hellcats has been canceled.........

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Seriously CW can't you give it at least a 2nd season?  Give it a fair chance.... It was nominated for a People's Choice award this year, and is way popular amongst a lot of people I know

Also, you keep other shows going that are well past their prime...

Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka are fabulous together!  Hopefully this is not the end for this amazing duo!

Have you ever loved a show and then it was canceled??  
What show did you want to see more of??

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annie said...

Those are cute pictures. I never watched the show. But I did think about watching it before. lol

Sherin said...

I love how great friends they are! I never watched it, but sad they cancelled it. I felt the same whn they cancelled Dollhouse.

K & J said...

Unfortunately it always comes down to ratings and I read it was the lowest rated show on the network.

Me & Jess got into 2 mid season shows on FOX-The Chicago Code (13 episodes..GREAT theme song to) & Breakin In (7 episodes). Both cancelled already. How can a show grow with only a limited amount of episodes.

This is part of the reason I'm starting to watch more cable shows. (Loving The Killing on AMC right now.) At least they give there shows a chance even if the ratings are mediocre.

Sorry to hear your show got canceled. Hope you can find something new next season that will stick around. Kara XOXOXO

PS I'm with Sherin on Dollhouse too. Loved that show.

RAW Fashion Magazine said...

It's such ashame when good shows get cancelled look at ROME

Rachel said...

So bummed to hear about Hellcats getting canceled, but I have to admit... It hadn't been that interesting to me lately. I was hoping it would get better though.
One of my favorite shows, Lie to Me, just got canceled. NOT happy about that one! :(


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