Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

It's Memorial Day weekend after all, any family cookouts or maybe a fancier event you have to go to?  Maybe a date?  It's time to be patriotic in your red, white, and blue!  Here are some gorgeous yet affordable options for you!


One Shoulder Bandage Dress

Embroidered Surplice Back Dress

Draped Knit Maxi


Eyelet Maxi Dress
Lace Embroidered Dress


Woven Ruffle Dress

Bodycon Dress w/ Strappy Back
One shouldn't hesitate to be patriotic when you have so many options at looking good!  Which color would you choose, red, white, or blue?  

I'm loving the red one shoulder bandage dress, the white eyelet maxi dress, and the blue bodycon dress w/ strappy back! Hope your having a lovely weekend!  And maybe enjoying a 4 day weekend, do any of you have Monday off?  Not me! :(



Sherin said...

Yay, I love long weekends! Sad you don't get Monday off. They're always so relaxing. The red one sleeved dress is definitely one of my favourites here. I have a red dress but am waiting for the perfect occasion for it.

annie said...

These are very cute. My fav. is the white Maxi. I never thought about dressing for memorial day before. Maybe I will. :)

annie said...

oh, and sorry you don't have it off. :(

Miles Of Style said...

My heart is set on the blue ruffle dress. Happy Memorial weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial weekend lovely.
I adore the 2nd dress from top.



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