Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fashion Faceoff: Who Wore It Better


Blake Lively and Brooklyn Decker were recently spotted wearing the same Tibi frock.  While Blake chose the blue shade, Brooklyn opted for white.  Although both girls look stunning, I think I like how Brooklyn accessorized with the vest and leopard purse better!  Blake's leopard pumps are amazing though!


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Not very often do you see four celebs rocking the same dress!  But these four ladies had their own take on this Dolce and Gabbana white mini!  Normally I love Kate Bosworth's looks, but I think this dress is a bit too fancy to be paired with that jacket.  I love Diane's pumps!  And I think Selena look's stunning! But then again, when doesn't she? 


A few months back Jena Malone and Jessica Lowndes were both seen glammed up in this Camilla and Marc dress!  Both look gorgeous in my opinion, but I think I slightly prefer Jena Malone's longer version!


Back in the spring, these two lovely ladies chose The Hellers romper, one in orange and one in navy.  Both look cute, but I think I really like the orange shade better and Aimee's pumps go so perfectly!  

If you were a celeb and you actually saw another celebrity recently wearing a dress you were planning on wearing to an event soon, would you still wear it?  Or if you happened to wear the same dress to an event or just on the same day as another star, would it bother you?  Would you be bummed that someone else had the same outfit?  How would you feel about being compared?

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NANCYXO said...

awesome comparisons! love it =]


Tariro said...

Oooo I think they all wear everything pretty well! Its different styles i guess.

Anonymous said...

loved this post...
I personally hate when a friend or colleague goes out and gets the exact thing I have. I think there's a rule no? surely u can't copy cat ur colleague/friend.

Sherin said...

I love seeing how celebrities wear the same things. Blake Lively looked amazing in the blue dress. Definitely one of my favourite things that I've seen her in.

I think all 4 ladies wore the second dress really well. Selena, in particular, looks so gorgeous.

I definitely prefer how Jena Malone wore that dress. I agree: the length looks so much better. And both those girls wore the playsuit so well.

If I was a celeb, and saw someone else wore the same thing at the same event, I would cry, lol. But it wouldn't really bother me if they wore something some other time.

thekellytang said...

Wow, four ladies wearing the same dress? That is so crazy!

My favorite has to be Blake Lively's look.

<3 Kelly

E said...

I love Blake and Brooklyn's dress in white!

Anonymous said...

I love that romper!


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