Thursday, September 15, 2011

Street Style: Would You or Would You Not?

It's no secret that I love looking at through street style pics.  I find such inspiration, from what everyday fashionistas are wearing.  It makes me think of new ideas on how to pair things.  

We're going to do a Would You or Would You Not? post today.  For those of you who haven't participated in this type of post before on The Hot Spot, it's really simple.  I'm just going to number the street style photos below, and then in your comment, you can leave the # and put Would, or Would Not beside it, depending on whether you would wear that look or not.  My answers will be at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!








My Answers:
#1 Maybe
#3 Would 
#4 Would Not (I don't have the body for that look : P )
#5 Would (Probably)
#& WOULD ( probably my fav look )

Do we have similar answers?  
Which looks are you liking?


K & J said...

My Answers:
#1 Like it but would switch out
the shoes for wedges.
#2 No
#3 SO YES!!!! Love it! My Fav!!!
#4 The shorts yes but not anything
else.....and you totally have
the body to pull this off :)
#5 Maybe the jacket but that's it.
#6 WOULD NOT..Agree with you
here :)
#7 Yes to the top and shoes.

This was a fun post to participate in. Hope to see you do more like this :) Kara XOXOXO

Sherin said...

Oh Yay. I missed these.

1 Yes
2 No
3 Yes (but with jeans instead of leggings)
4 No
5 I wish I could pull that off!
6 No
7 No

Louisa said...

Only 1 and 3 for me :-)

Mrs. April said...

1. Would.
2. NOOOOO. Bless her for trying.
3. Totally would. In a heartbeat.
4. If I had the confidence. :P
5. I look like a total dweeb in maxis, but she looks fantastic!
6. If the jacket were longer and navy... I'd give it a shot.
7. She looks chic, but I would look like a greasy kid who went out in pajamas. :(


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