Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gorgeous Greens

There have been some lovely green dresses out and about on certain fashionistas!  

Check out these stunners!  Zoe and Gwyneth!

Either look would be perfect for a fancy Christmas party!  These girls look fabulous!!

Since I'm so pale though, sometimes green shades look very unflattering on me....  some shades can make me look sickly!  So I always have to be sure to wear the right shade!  How about you?  Does green flatter your skin tone?  Any shades you avoid?

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Laura said...

I have to avoid yellow for the most part. Washes me out too much.

Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound... :)

My Style Ideas said...

Wow, they look fantastic. Don't think that green looks that great on me though..
By the way, I also finally started my own blog! You can find it here:


Sherin said...

Zoe Salanda is so gorgeous looking!! She looks stunning in green.

annie said...

I think it depends on the shade of green. A dark forest green looks good on me. :)

K & J said...

I'm a pink girl myself. Like green, just not on me :S Kara XOXO


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