Saturday, August 25, 2012

Treat Yourself!

I baked some cookies the other day!  Just simple Pillsbury chocolate chip.  Whose got time for baking from scratch?  Not me thats for sure!  At least not these days.  Plus I don't really need baked goods around when I want to lose about 8-10 more pounds!  Everyone needs a sprulge every now and then though right?  Are any of you dieting?  If so how's it going for you?  Any set weight loss goal in mind?  I'm just stuck trying to get these last few pounds of baby weight off!  I'm trying to eat mostly salads and veggies and fruit, with a sweet treat every once and a while, hence the chocolate chip cookies.  I also have to make sure I eat enough because I am breastfeeding.

Anyway ladies I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with a sweet treat or two!


Sherin said...

Those look delicious! It's great to treat yourself, especially when trying to lose weight!

erica said...

I`m trying to lose weight and struggling like crazy with it... I just dont know what to do anymore. xo

Jenmarie said...

I completely agree about treating yourself every once and a while! It helps you get through whatever plan you're currently going through.


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