Saturday, July 08, 2017


Today my kids and I made lemon cupcakes!  I was in the mood to bake something and was leaning towards blueberry muffins since we still have a lot of fresh blueberries left from picking last week, but my son wanted cupcakes,  and surprisingly lemon.  I myself, like all cupcakes, well to be honest, I like almost all desserts, haha, but I thought for sure he would pick chocolate.  However, the lemon ones were delicious! We made regular size cupcakes and mini ones too, which was good for me, so I could eat a couple without feeling completely terrible!  I've been trying to eat healthier these last few weeks.  I wouldn't mind losing just a couple of pounds. 

So instead of cupcakes, I should be eating this: 

photo source

Which don't get me wrong, I love fruits, but I do have a sweet tooth!  Goodness, dieting can be no fun!  What about you all?  Are any of you on any type of diet?  If so, what are your go to recipes? 

I'm really into nuts and seeds right now. 

photo source

 My current favorite seeds right now are raw pumpkin seeds and my go to nuts are raw almonds and a little bit of walnuts too.  Pair nuts and seeds with a a little bit of dried fruit and it's super yummy! Although you really have to watch the sugar content on dried fruit.  Do you have a favorite healthy snack?  

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