Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Pleated skirts!  

I absolutely love this look above!  Doesn't it seem like a perfect summer outfit?  She's dressed this super chic black pleated skirt more casual with a basic white tank and sneakers.  Comfortable and cute.  Perfect summer combo.  Normally I don't think wearing skirts while riding bikes is the best idea, but I could totally see this working out.  And don't you just love bikes with cute little baskets?  Why have I not upgraded my bike?!

More pleated skirts for your pleasure!

Looks business chic above. 

A fun pop of color below!

It's a shame to realize I actually don't own a pleated skirt!  How can this be true?!  I know what I'm adding to my next shopping spree!

What about you?  Pleated skirts, yay or nay?
How do you or would you style it?

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