Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I've been posting on other people's blogs trying to get to know some people on here. I really want this to work out.....it's gotta start with some followers tho...and I'm afraid there just aren't any. Well, I guess for now, I'm doing this just for me, and I'm ok with that.

So my husband and I went to the mall today. I got to do a little bit of shopping. I got a new wallet from Forever 21 for $9.50( which I haven't used a wallet in years), it goes perfect with my purse I got a few weeks ago from Kohls. Pictures of the both to appear shortly. I also got two pairs of awesome sunglasses from Charlotte Russe for 10 bucks total. I purchased a couple other things things too, it was fun. We havent's been to the mall in a while. I got to eat some Chick-fila too!! I absolutely love Chick-fila, and of course, like most of my favorite places, we don't have in town! :( So it's always a treat when I get to eat there! They have the best waffle fries and their sweet tea is amazing!! So, yeah I know I live a pretty exciting life! haha But I'm happy. You see I just got married July 5th, so I'm enjoying my life as a newlywed! My husband is the most amazing person. His name is Tim. We've been together a little over 4 years now, and I can't imagine my life without him.....

So there you have it, a little glimpse into my world......stay tuned......

try some polynesian sauce while your at it!! :)

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