Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whoa Whoa Whoa.....I got some new stuff!!

New Sunglasses from Charlotte Russe! Two for 10 bucks! It was a good deal. I was just planning on getting the black pair with the leopard print on the side but when I went to pay the lady told me they were on sale 2 for $10 so why not? I've never owned a pink pair of glasses before....which is surprising since that's my favorite color.....but anyway, I like the zebra stripes on the side so I thought I'd give them a try.
Pictured below are two of my favorite new things: An Apt. 9 purse from Kohl's I got a few weeks ago, and my new wallet I purchased at Forever 21 yesterday. I haven't had a wallet in years, but I desperately needed one to be better organized, you can't even believe how much room is in the wallet, and let alone the new purse!! And the purse I got 50% off...I caught Kohl's on a good day...that's for sure....
I'm really into the alligator skin you can see here! :) and of course it's fake

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hande's closet said...

ohhh thank u again and again for ur lovely comment!!!i am very happy to see my name on ur following list love ur blog dearest and u re amazingly beautiful:)
kisses HANDE...


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