Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm hungry!

Okay, so of course I would not eat this little dog! Isn't it the cutest thing though??? It's so small it can fit into an actual hot dog bun!!! It looks perfectly content there too! I love little dogs!!!!
This picture here looks like the perfect combination! Shoes and Sweets!! I'd like to go to that tea party!!! It doesn't help that I'm actually really hungry right now too!!

And here we have cute cupcakes!!! That look delicious!!! Do any of you think these sweets look good? Or is it just me since I haven't had anything to eat yet today!! lol Well, I better go, I need to go get something to eat! I hope all of you are doing wonderful! I promise to have outfit posts tomorrow! So stay tuned!!!!


Leia said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute dog! I have a toy dog - he's a Peke, and I miss him so much when I'm at university. :)

E said...

I love weiner dogs!!!!


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